Fourth Parliament of Überstadt

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The Fourth Parliament of Überstadt is the current session of Überstadt's parliament, having come to power following election on 1 April 2013. It is to end by 1 October 2013. It is filled completely by the Renaissance Party, led by Prince Aaron.


The election of the Fourth Parliament came after a series of dramatic political changes. The monarch had held legislative power for several weeks, only restrained by the constitution and the will of Parliament. The crown had quickly become the most productive source of legislation, and accordingly, the willingness of the next session of Parliament to cooperate with the king would significantly impact the direction of Überstadti development. Electoral law, too, had been changed; only residents of the Kingdom were permitted to run for office, and a related change in nationality law had trimmed down the citizenry to consist solely of residential nationals. This corresponded with the recent trend of social and political centralization in Rosewood, the new capital. Furthermore, the number of Members of Parliament allotted to each duchy was decreased to one, meaning that only one total member was to be chosen nationwide.


Despite the fact that the only Überstadti citizens at the time of the election were members of the Royal Family due to their domicile at Rosewood, the family was still permitted to vote the night before the official election date, as per custom. Prince Aaron was the only contender for the single seat for the Duchy of Edmount, and was thus elected unanimously on the evening of 31 March. The voter turnout of 75% set a new record as well.