Grand Unified Micronational election, June 2021

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GUM Chair election, June 2021

Incumbent Chair

Jack Dean

The next Grand Unified Micronational election to elect the Chair of the organisation will take place in June 2021, in-line with the Charter of the GUM. The current Chair is Jack Dean.[1]



The Charter of the GUM provides that "The Chair shall be elected every six months".[2] Pursuant to this, the Chair is, by norm rather than specific policy, required to announce the opening of nominations within a reasonable time before the six-month period is up.

Any delegate to the GUM from a full member state may nominate themselves to run for the Chairmanship, provided they are not "already running for another post within the organization, such as the Supreme Court or another bureaucratic agency within the GUM". They may, however, "if they have been nominated to one of these offices... decline and be considered eligible to run for the post of Chair".

Possible candidates

Chairman Dean has announced he would not seek re-election.

Following the previous election, Joseph Kennedy stated that he was considering running for Chair in the June 2021 election.


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