Grand Unified Micronational election, June 2021

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GUM Chair election, June 2021

← December 2020 June 17–23 December 2021 →
Candidate Anthony Clark Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed Amelia I
Party Green Party of New Florence Independent Royalist Party of Lytera
Home state New Florence Kingdom of Ikonia Kingdom of Lytera
Running mate Ashley Jaax Bradley of Dullahan Sertor Valentinus
States carried 26 11 4
Percentage 61.9% 26.2% 9.5%

Chair before election

Jack Dean

Elected Chair

Anthony Clark

The next Grand Unified Micronational election to elect the chair and vice-chair began on 17 June 2021 and ended on 23 June. The new chair and vice-chair took office on 1 July. Campaigning began on 27 May.

The election was the first one held under the new charter, which was enacted on 21 March 2021.

The then-current chair was Jack Dean. Brooklyn Hewitt was vice-chair until her resignation on 13 June 2021.[1]


As the supreme justice was a candidate in the election, the election was administered by Newton von Uberquie, the most senior associate justice. It was the first election to use a joint ticket procedure to elect both the chair and vice-chair; before, the vice-chair was nominated by the newly elected chair and then confirmed by Quorum. There was also a campaign ban: no one was allowed to campaign until three weeks before the election takes place.

The voting system was also different. Before, elections for chair used a first-past-the-post system. This election was be the first to use instant-runoff voting.


Brooklyn Hewitt, the President of New Virginia, announced her candidacy on 13 May. But on 13 June, she resigned from her office as vice-chair and dropped out of the race. Her running mate, Anthony Clark, took over the campaign, naming Ashley Jaax as his running mate.

Name Experience State Party (if applicable) Running mate Campaign announcement date
Campaign Logo

Abrams I
King of Ikonia (2018–present)
Kingdom of Ikonia
Independent Bradley of Dullahan 13 May

Amelia I
Monarch of Lytera (2017–present)
Prince of Essexia (2020–present)
Member of the General Assembly of Cycoldia (2021–present)

Kingdom of Lytera
Royalist Party of Lytera Sertor Valentinus 13 May

Anthony Clark
Chancellor of New Florence (2019–present)
Supreme Justice of the GUM (2021–present)

Vorsitzender of the Abeldane Empire (2020–present)

New Florence
Green Party of New Florence Ashley Jaax 13 June N/A


New Florence Anthony Clark Ikonia Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed Kingdom of Lytera Amelia Banks None of the above
26 11 4 1


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