Emperor Day (Austenasia)

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Emperor Day
Emperor Jonathan I blowing out candles on a cake presented to him for his 21st birthday.
Observed by Empire of Austenasia
Type National holiday
Significance Birthday of the reigning Monarch
Celebrations Gatherings or meals hosted by the Monarch
Date 13 October (since 2013)

Emperor Day is a public holiday in the Empire of Austenasia. Currently celebrated on 13 October, the holiday celebrates the birthday of the incumbent Monarch.

The holiday was established in October 2008 by Act 10 (Public Holidays), and has been celebrated every year since, despite not being a de jure recognised holiday in 2012 and 2013 due to the legislative overhaul which accompanied the implementation of the Austenasian Constitution of 2011. Recognition of the day as an official public holiday was reaffirmed by the Public Holidays Act 2014 on 14 January 2014.

As the date of the holiday changes in accordance with the occupant of the Throne, it was celebrated on 16 May (for Terry I) in 2009, on 9 June (for Esmond III) in 2010, on 20 May (for Declan I) in 2011 and 2012, and on 13 October (for the incumbent Jonathan I) in 2013 and every year since so far. The holiday was technically observed twice in 2011; as Declan I and Esmond III remained co-emperors until September, it should theoretically have been celebrated on 9 June 2011 as well in honour of Esmond III, but as he had lost the powers of the Throne by this point no official announcement or observation was made.

Unlike other non-religious national public holidays in Austenasia, which tend to be observed with the giving of speeches, the awarding of honours, etc., Emperor Day is almost always observed in a comparatively personal manner by the Monarch (the exception being Esmond III, who published an honours list for the occasion in 2010). Emperor Day tends to be observed with a gathering of dignitaries hosted by the Monarch on or near to the day.

The two most recent Emperor Days, the 24th and 25th birthdays of Jonathan I, both saw the Emperor and his fiancée Princess Hannah go to restaurants in Deva Victrix to celebrate the day. On the former of the two occasions, they were joined by the Emperor's aunt Princess Julie (9th in line to the Austenasian Throne) and her husband.