Privy Council of Montescano

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His Highness's Privy Council, is a body of advisers to the Sovereign Prince of Montescano.

List of members

Princely Family Governmental figures Non-Montescanesque dignitaries Other
Individual Appointed Roles/reasons
Lord Christoffel van Achterbergen, Marquess of Goedeweg-Achterbergen 7 August 2019 Grand Pensionary (2019-present)
Marquess of Goedeweg-Achterbergen (2019-present)
Chief Advisor (2019-present)
Lady Lenka Kiernosz, Countess of Horne 25 January 2020 Private Secretary of HH (2020-present)
Countess of Horne (2020-present)
Christian Newton, Viscount of Cape Hatteras 27 January 2020 Connétable (2020-present)
HH Hereditary Prince Maurits 30 April 2020 Hereditary Prince (2019-present)
Bradley van Dullahan, Baron of La Ye 30 April 2020 Imperial Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire (2014-present)
Advisor on History (2020-present)