Monarchy of Montescano

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Sovereign Prince of Montescano
Dionisiy I

Style His Highness
Heir presumptive HH Hereditary Prins Maurits
First monarch Dionisiy I
Formation 29 May 2019

The Monarchy of Montescano is the collective term for the Head of State of the Principality of Montescano, their Consort, the Princely Family, and the political bodies directly associated with them.

Princely Family

The Princely Family consists of the Monarch, their siblings, offspring, spouse and parents. The role of the ruling house in the Monarchy is informal.


The Montescanesque Regalia are the items used to represent the Monarch's rule over the nation, and are intended to be worn by the Monarch in ceremonial occasions such as crownings and bestowals of honours.

Currently the Montescanesque Regalia consists of the Princely Chain, a Silver chain with a cross pendant, the cross featuring an representation of Christ on the Cross, bearing the text in the top part "ИНЦИ" (Russian: Иисус Назарянин, Царь Иудейский, Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews) and on the left and right IC and XC respectively.

It furthermore consists of the Crown of St. Demetrios of Thessaloniki. It's composed of two reinforced rings made of 18 gauge copper wire, arranged in the form of a tiara and ornamented with 20 gauge blue-tainted aluminium wire.


The Montescanesque Monarch is represented by their coat of arms, which is also used as the Kingdom's official arms. The present Princely Arms are those of Sovereign Prince Dionisiy. The Princely Standard is the official banner of the Monarch, and consists of the lesser Princely Arms on an Azure field.

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Lesser Arms of the Montescanesque Monarch. 
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Princely standard. 
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Greater Arms of the Montescanesque Monarch. 

The Lesser Arms are described as follows:

Quarterly I. Azure, a Swan Proper with a Coronet Or around its neck, II. Argent a Peacock Proper, III. Azure, a Mountain vert, a Church Argent and Gules, IV. Sable, a Horn Or, Six Circles Or, enté en point Gules, a Double Headed Eagle Or, over all an escutcheon Azure Two Delphins Or finned Gules, all Surrounded by the Sacred Military Order of Saint Demetrios, in the Crest the Princely Crown; motto "Nihil sine Deo" in the compartment below the shield.


The ceremony takes place as a session of the Council of State and is presided over by the Chancellor. The ritual is held at the Princely Chapel (currently located in Amsterdam, in the neighbouring Kingdom of the Nederlands). Regalia such as the crown are present but are never physically given to the monarch, nor are they worn by him or her, instead they are placed on cushions, on what is called a credence table. During the ceremony, the monarch, wearing a ceremonial mantle, is seated on a throne on a raised dais opposite members of the States General.

The ceremony consists of two parts

The monarch's master of ceremonies announces the arrival of the new monarch, who takes his seat on a throne opposite members of the Council of State and the regalia. The monarch gives an address before taking the oath to uphold the constitution and protect the people of the Principality.

Ik zweer dat ik het Statuut en de wetten van het Montescaanse volk zal naleven, ’s lands onafhankelijkheid zal handhaven en het grondgebied ongeschonden bewaren; Zo waarlijk helpe Mij God almachtig!

Following the monarch's oath, the monarch is paid homage to by the nobles and his secretaries.

After every noble has sworn or affirmed the declaration, the Grand pensionary declares the ceremony to have been completed. This is followed by the senior King of Arms exclaiming that the monarch has been inaugurated and the Grand Pensionary crying "long live the Prince!" to the response of three hurrahs from the public. The other heralds proceed outside the church to where they also announce to the public outside that the monarch has been inaugurated and cry "long live the prince!"

After the homage ceremony, the monarch and his retinue then exit the church and return to the palace. The ceremony is then followed by an official reception at the palace.

Line of succession

The position of Monarch is hereditary and is not gender-specific under the Statute to the descendants of Dionisiy I. Since Dionisiy I has no descendants, the position would be filled by his family up to the degree of a grandparent. Would this to result in no one being able to fill the throne upon his death, a member of the Council of State shall be elected the new Monarch.

Full line of succession

  • (2) Lord Johannes L., Baron of Waterland (b. 1936)
    • Lady Aspasia L., Baroness of Ilpendam (b. 1960) EXCLUDED for not being a member of the Church
    • Lady Alexandra Tezdzhan, Baroness of Buikslotermeer (b. 1964) EXCLUDED for not being a member of the Church m. Lord Reshad Tezdzhan, Baron of Buikslotermeer (b. 1968) REMOVED by 1 Dion. al. 12
  • Lady Johanna L. (b. 1937 d. 2004)


The Sovereign Prince's current full style:

His Highness Dionisiy I by the Grace of God Sovereign Prince of Montescano, Duke of Lycaonia, Prince of Pavlov and of Zaslawye, Marquis Karapavlovič, Or-bey of Perekop, Count of Nieuwendam and of West Frisia, Baron of Ongal, Sovereign of the Sacred Military Order of St. Demetrios, of the Most Noble Order of the White Swan and of the Most Honourable Order of the Dolphin

List of Monarchs

No. Name
Portrait Arms Reign House
1 Dionisiy
born 1994
29 May
present Tezdzhan-Smahin Sovereign Prince of Montescano
1 year 2 days