Council of State (Montescano)

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Raad van State
2nd Council of State
FoundedMay 29, 2019 (2019-05-29)
Seats9 Members of the Council of state
Political groups
  •      Monarch (1)
  •      Conservative(s) (2)
  •      Moderate(s) (4)
  •      Liberal(s) (1)
  •      Socialist(s) (1)
Based on status as a Count of the Realm or appointment by the Monarch
Meeting place

The Council of State, or also known in Dutch as the Raad van State, is the legislative body of the Principality of Montescano. All members of the Council of State are either appointed by the Monarch or are members because they are Counts of one of the Counties of the Principality as landed nobles. The Council of State has the right to draft new Acts which are then subject to the consent of the Monarch. The Council of State also provides the Monarch with non-binding advice.


Portrait Name County Term of office Political affiliation
Dionisiy.jpg HH Sovereign Prince Dionisiy I Flag-nieuwendam.png Nieuwendam 29 May 2019 Present Monarch
Holds seat as both Monarch and Count of Nieuwendam.
Krishtofvondrakon.jpg Lord Christoffel van Achterbergen, Marquess of Goedeweg-Achterbergen Flag-hinterbergen.png Goedeweg-Achterbergen 29 May 2019 Present Conservative
Holds seat as Marquess of Goedeweg-Achterbergen, appointed as Grand Pensionary.
Ismetcansarac.jpg Lord İsmetcan Saraç, Baron of Anemorion Flag-tourkia.png Tourkia 1 July 2019 Present Moderate
Holds seat as Representative of the Marquess of Tourkia, appointed as Chamberlain.
Mbhfb-portrait.jpg HH Hereditary Prince Maurits Flag-Purmerland.png Purmerland 18 July 2019 Present Socialist
Holds seat as Count of Purmerland and Heir pressumtive.
Emblem-spaerenwoude.png HH Princess-Consort Mariia Flag-spaerenwoude.png Spaerenwoude 26 November 2019 Present Moderate
Holds seat as Countess of Spaerenwoude
13612226 521211024747481 3066761923019670151 n.jpg Lord Tim van Norden, Count of Velsen Flag-Velsen.png Velsen 9 January 2020 Present Conservative
Holds seat as Count of Velsen.
Christian-newton.png Lord Christian Newton, Marquess of Kaap Hatteras Aleksandropil-flag-Pavlov.png Kaap Hatteras 21 January 2020 Present Moderate
Holds seat as Connétable.
Emblem-komstad.png Lord Äsghär Rzayev, Count of Komstad Komhorod 3 February 2020 Present Moderate
Holds seat as Count of Komstad.
Emblem-horne.png Lady Lenka Kiernosz, Countess of Horne Flag-horne.png Horne 8 May 2020 Present Liberal
Holds seat as Countess of Horne


Acts of the Council of State are laws passed by the Council of State. They are the primary means of legislation and can overturn any other law (including previous Acts of the Council of State) except for the Statute.


Acts of the Council of State are proposed by a member of the body, after which they may be debated and amended. For an act to pass, 50% + 1 vote of all members must give their approval to the Act. It then passes on to the Monarch, who chooses whether or not to grant Consent to the Act - if Consent is given, the Act becomes law by being formally passed by a Princely Decree.

Princely decrees

Princely Decrees may also be used purely as a executive way of administration.