Orders, decorations, and medals of Montescano

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The Montescanesque honours systems covers various awards and decorations awarded by the Monarchy of Montescano. The honours system was established upon foundation of the state by the Statute. The bestowing of honours can be done only by the Monarch as he is the sole fount of honour in the Principality. The honours system is a means of rewarding individuals' personal bravery, achievement or service to the Principality.

Current orders

Name Ranks Ribbon Established Motto Description
Sacred Military Order of St. Demetrios
Knight Grand Cross (KGD)a
Knight Commander (KCD)a
Knight (KSD)a
29 May 2019
Si Deus nobiscum quis contra nos
If God is with us, who shall be against us?
Highest award of Montescano, to exceptionally meritorious achievements
Distinguished Order of the Cherry
Knight (KC)a
30 April 2020
Pepigi fœdus cum oculis meis, ut ne cogitarem quidem de virgine
I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid
Awarded for virtue in marriage, At the absolute discretion of the Monarch
Most Noble Order of the White Swan
Knight Grand Cross (KGS)a
Knight (KSS)a
14 July 2019
Aultre naray tantque je vivraj
No other as long as I life
Awarded for exceptional Noble or Christian behaviour
Most Honourable Order of the Dolphin
Knight Grand Cross (KGDO)a
Knight Commander (KCDO)a
Knight (KSDO)a
2 August 2019
Ex undis
From the waves
Awarded to Montescanesque subjects and foreigners, At the absolute discretion of the Monarch

a in all ranks the word Knight is substituted for Dame and in all postnonimals the initial K for a D in case the recipient is female.