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Imperial City of Persenburg-Götzödorf
Flag of Persenburg
Official seal of Persenburg
Nihil Sine Deo
Nothing without God
CountryKingdom of Ruthenia, Karnia-Ruthenia
Settled1919 (as residence of the family)
2014 (as official residence and capital)
 • Total5 (permanent)

The city of Persenburg-Götzödorf, simply know as Persenburg is a city with Duchy status and the capital of the Kingdom of Ruthenia until 2016, when also became the main capital of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire. It is composed by the Winter Residence, the official residence of the Imperial and Royal Family. Landlocked by the city of São Paulo, the occupied land was purchased in 1919 by the maternal family of the Emperor-King's mother, the Archduchess Denise. The residence was rebuilt several times since then, and his last style is the result of last reconstruction, dated from the 1950's. For being the place where the King of Ruthenia more spends his time, was considered the capital de jure of the Kingdom from the foundation until officially being the capital at 22 March 2015, when it also changed name. Previously it was known as "Royal District". It is a personal domain of His Majesty, which rules directly and which has full immunity. With the foundation of the Empire, it remained as a capital, sharing the title of "imperial city" with Viden, in Karnia.

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