Grand Duchy of Gaussland

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Kingdom of Ruthenia
Grand Duchy of Gaussland
Grão-Ducado de Gaussland (pt)

2015 - 2016


Coat of Arms

Motto: "Virtutis Confido"
(In Latin:My trust in [the ancient] virtue)

National Anthem: Ária Paulistana

Capital cityGaussberg
Largest cityGaussberg
Official language(s)English (de jure)
Portuguese (de facto)
Official religion(s)Roman Catholicism
DemonymGausslanian (eng)
Gausslaniano/Gausslaniana (pt)
GovernmentAutonomous Region of Ruthenia
- Grand Duke of Gaussland Grand Duke Oscar of Gaussland
- Grand Duchess of Gaussland Grand Duchess Paloma of Gaussland
Formation30 June 2015
Area ClaimedEastern Antarctica
CurrencyEuro (€) (EUR) (de facto)
Ruthenian Mark (RM) (RMK) (de jure)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

Official website

Gaussland, officially the Grand Duchy of Guassland (Portuguese: Grão-Ducado de Gaussland), is a micronation in Antarctica, and it is a vassal state of the Kingdom of Ruthenia, ruled by personal union since 30 June 2015 and recognised by Antarctic Micronational Union in 30 July 2015. It consists of the Kaiser Wilhelm II Land and adjacences and lies a claim over the territory between USLSSR and St.Charlie and is the sixteenth micronation to join the Antarctic Micronational Union.

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