Ruthenian Nobility

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Ruthenian Academy of Heraldry
Coat of Arms of the Academy
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JurisdictionKingdom of Ruthenia
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The Ruthenian Nobility of a privileged social class who own inheritable nobility titles in the Kingdom of Ruthenia since the foundation of the Kingdom in 2014. The term "noblemen" is used in reference to the dignitaries of the royal court and the members of the national orders of knighthood. Most of these aristocrats are Ruthenians, but other aristocrats was regarded as newcomers, because they became Ruthenian nobles after the establishment of the kingdom or a foreign. According to customary law, male and female members of the noble families could inherit noble titles, except if a noble was married off to a commoner without Royal Permission. Ruthenian nobility is based on a Patent of Nobility with a coat of arms issued by the monarch and constitute a legal and social class. All the distinctive features of nobility include the Coat of Arms, the noble title and members of the upper nobility could reserve their special political rights (they are hereditary members of the Upper House of the General Assembly) and the usage of names of the nobles are also distinguished from the commoners. This applied to any member of the Acrinian, Libertinian, Gausslandian and other nobilities in the Ruthenian dominion.

Titles and Ranks

Reigning and not-reigning titles

The list of titles recognised by the King of Ruthenia, who by virtue of his official position and as fons honorum of Ruthenia, has the exclusive right of conferring legitimate titles of nobility and orders of chivalry to other persons. Until 18 March 2015, the Kingdom also was able to grant Palatine titles of Duke and Count, but they were extinct under the Royal Decree n. 015/2015. The titles of Grand Duke, Hereditary-Prince, Duke and Prince were borne by members of the Royal Family and member of the upper nobility.

Title Style
King/Queen His/Her Royal Majesty
Crown Prince/Crown Princess His/Her Royal Highness
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess His/Her Royal Highness
Hereditary-Prince/Hereditary-Princess His/Her Most Serene Highness
Duke/Duchess His/Her Most Illustrious Highness
Prince/Princess His/Her Highness
Count/Countess The Right Honourable Count/Countess
Baron/Baroness The Honourable Baron/Baroness "surname"
Knight/Dame Sir/Lady "surname"

Armorial of Ruthenian Nobility

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