Ministry of Immigration (Karnia-Ruthenia)

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Ministry of Immigration
Coat of Arms of the Ministry
Ministry overview
Formed 19 November 2014
Jurisdiction Karnia-Ruthenia
Headquarters Persenburg
Employees 4
Minister responsible under intervention, Minister of Immigration
Official website

The Imperial and Royal Ministry of Immigration is the government department responsible for the development of measures to attract citizens to Karnia-Ruthenia and regulate the entry and exit of nationals, as well as the registration and entry of persons on national lists and groups. It is one of the oldests ministries, created in the Kingdom of Ruthenia, predecessor state of Karnia-Ruthenia, and maintained in the Karno-Ruthenian Empire after the signature of the Karno-Ruthenian Compromise of 2016.

Currently, it is under intervention of the Ministry of the Imperial and Royal Household after the renounce of Yuri, Count de Faria[1].

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