Governorate of Aleksandropil

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Governorate of Aleksandropil
Альександропільська Губернія

Coat of Arms


Official LanguagesEnglish

Official religionOrthodox Church of Pavlov[1]

DemonymPavlovian Rus'

GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
 • Tsar and Grand PrinceAleksandr IV
 • GovernorCount Kristijan K. Nevtonenko

LegislatureGeneral Assembly

 • As Governorate of Aleksandropil8 March 2018
Population7 Subjects

CurrencyPavlovian Hryvna

Patron SaintSt. Michael

Aleksandropil, officially the Governorate of Aleksandropil (Ukrainian: Альександропільська Губернія) is a governate of the Tsardom of Pavlov. Aleksandropil is ruled by its governor, His Illustriousness, Count Kristijan Karolovych Nevtonenko, holding territorial claims in various locations across the Americas. It capital is the city of Aleksandropil.


The name "Aleksandropil" was developed in honor of HM Tsar and Grand Prince Alexander Feofanovič (IV).

Foundation and Structure

The Governorate of Aleksandropil was established on 8 March 2018, by Kristijan Karolovych Nevtonenko. Upon its foundation, Nevtonenko was granted the title of Count by Tsar and Grand Prince Alexander IV, and given immediate jurisdiction over the Governorate post the signing of the Treaty of Aleksandropil.


In Aleksandropil, the Governor holds de jure control of all executive, legislative and judicial powers, under the Tsar, and legislative and executive powers shared with a council known as the Veche. The Veche is one of the few legislatures in the world to not conduct its duties physically, instead preferring to conduct them virtually.

Divisions of the Governorate

The Governorate of Aleksandropil is broken into cities. These cities are led by mayors who are appointed by the Governor, and confirmed by the Veche. Mayors of Aleksandropil hold minimal levels of power, and power is generally vested in the state, and federal government. The cities themselves may not be divided into further subdivisions.


The Aleksandropilian culture is largely based on that of the Pavlovian Rus' culture (a mix of Turkic and Ukrainian cultures), however, it also incorporates various elements from American culture, seeing that Aleksandropil is situated in the United States. Aleksandropilians place an important emphasis on family, tradition and religion. Other aspects of the Pavlovian Rus' culture include Polo matches, Classical music and the Arts, and the Saturday mass.


The Pavlovian Language (Павлівской Єзикъ, Pavlivskoj Jeziků) is a constructed language, built and primarily spoken in Pavlov. It has elements from Slavic languages, mostly from Old Church Slavonic and Old East Slavic. It is currently regulated by the University of St. Achmed the Calligrapher, which is headed by Kristijan Nevtonenko himself. The Pavlovian language is written in Cyrillic.

Due to the Tsardom being a multi-ethnic state, in everyday use the citizens use their respective native languages. The official language of the Tsardom is the Ukrainian language, but the English language is the official legislative language, and is also widely used in the Tsardom. In Aleksandropil, the everyday language spoken is English, however, the Aleksandropilian government urges its subjects to use the Pavlovian language, as the language is considered to be an important cultural aspect of the Pavlovian Rus' culture.

National holidays

Name Date (Gregorian) Notes
Christmas Eve 6 January Traditional commemoration of the birth of Jesus.
Christmas Day 7 January Traditional commemoration of the birth of Jesus.
New Year's Day 14 January The first day of the year.
Theophany 19 January Celebration of the revelation of God as human in his Son Jesus.
Day of the Capture of Paris 19 March Celebrating the end of the 1812 War against Napoleon Bonaparte, considered by Pavlov to have been a false Emperor.
Easter Between 1 April and 1 June Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.
Time of Troubles commemoration 6 April Day of Remembrance for the Blinding of Tsar Simeon Bekbulatovich of all Rus'; start of the time of troubles
Victory day 9 May Day of Victory of the Pavlovian Rus' over Nazism and Communism
Sürgünlik commemoration 18 May Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide
St Valentine's Day 6 July Celebration of love and affection
Day of Pavlov 30 August Day of celebration of the establishment of the Pavlovian State
Kulikovo Day 8 September Commemoration of the Battle of Kulikovo
Imperial day 17 October Celebrating the birthday of the first monarch of the Tsardom, Alexander IV
St. Demetrius Day 8 November Celebrated as last day of possibility of Matrimony in the year


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