Seneschal of Ebenthal

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Seneschal of Tribune of Truth
Pedro Reis, Count of Iustitia

since 1 December 2014
StyleYour Honor
AppointerArthur II
Term lengthNo term limits are imposed on the office
Inaugural holderPedro Reis, Count of Iustitia
Formation1 December 2014

The Seneschal (from Latim: oldest public servant; Portuguese: Senescal) of the Tribune of Truth is the head of Truchsess and the highest judiriciary authority in the Kingdom of Ebenthal. The position has no term lenght and it's often categorized as life tenure. The Seneschal is appointed by the King of Ebenthal among the Truchsesses and must be approved by the College of Peers of the Realm in order to take office.


According to Constitution of Ebenthal, the Seneschal of the Tribune opf Truth is entitled to:

  • To represent the Tribune of Truth.
  • To summon and chair the meetings of the Tribune of Truth, deciding the ties with a vote of quality.
  • To establish the agenda of the meetings of the Tribune of Truth.
  • To propose to the Tribune of Truth any issue it deems appropriate regarding their competence.
  • To propose the appointment of the truchsess in charge of giving judgment to Tribune to prepare the resolution of a matter.
  • To authorize with its signature the agreements of the Tribune of Truth.
  • To establish and run the Tribune of Truth Press Office.
  • To order the carrying out of giving sentences.


The King has the sole authority to appoint the Truchsesses and, among them, the Seneschal. Upon appointing a Seneschal, the College of Peers of the Realm vote on wether they trust the appointed person and will accept the nomination. If they accept the nominatiom by a majority of votes, then the Seneschal takes an oath of loyalty to the Crown and the Constitution and officialy takes office. If the Peers of the Realm do not accept the nomination, the King shall appoint another person for the office.

List of Seneschals

No. Name Portrait Office Sovereign
I Pedro Reis, Count of Iustitia Count of Iustitia2.png 1 December
present Arthur II
Re-appointed several times.