Royal Cyber Corps (Ebenthal)

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The Royal Cyber Corps, abbreviated as RCC, is the sole branch of the Royal Reserve Force (apart of the RRF proper), responsible for directing cyberspace operations and dealing with information warfare. It is a reorganization of the former Royal Ebenthali Cybernetics Corps, which was maintained after the abolition of the standing armed forces and integrated into the Royal Reserve Forces. Like the rest of the RRF, the RCC is a no standing force and is made up mainly of civilians who are called to active duty by the monarch as commander-in-chief. The command of the RCC is directly subordinated to the general command of the RRF and is appointed by the Field Marshal. Due to the micro-national nature of Ebenthal, the country is more susceptible to cyber than physical attacks and therefore RCC members are called into action much more frequently than regular RRF members.