Austenasian March

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Caldari, the first and oldest March in Austenasia

An Austenasian March is a division of the Empire of Austenasia created by the Territorial Expansions and Administrative Changes Act 2014.

Each March is associated with a Town, the Representative of which the subjects of the March have a vote for in local elections. However, Marches are separate from the Towns they are associated with, and they are administered by a Margrave and/or Margravine living in the March and not by the Town Council.

The Representative of the Town which the March is associated with has the responsibility of ensuring good governance of the March by the Margrave and/or Margravine, and may report any concerns to the central government.

At present, there are two Marches: Caldari, which is associated with Palasia, and Campo de Jonatán, which is associated with Nahona. Another March, Harlemum, was associated with Theodosiopolis between December 2019 and May 2020.