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National flag of Austenasia
Total population
Regions with significant populations
 Austenasia 69
 United Kingdom 21
 United States 12
 India 4
 Greece 3
 Argentina 2
 Australia 2
 France 2
 China 2
 Italy 2
 Pakistan 2
 Poland 2
Other 17

English, Turkish, Marathi, French


Christianity, Irreligion, Sunni Islam, Hinduism

In terms of religion, ethnicity, even language, Austenasians are divided, but many would argue that such simply does not matter... All who hold allegiance to our Throne and wish to partake in or live under our government may be Austenasian. We may disagree about what Austenasia means to each of us, but we can all ultimately agree that it unites us.

Austenasians are all those counted towards the population of the Empire of Austenasia in accordance with said country's nationality laws. This includes all permanent residents of Austenasia itself, as well as those living outside the Empire who have been granted Austenasian nationality through laws passed by the Parliament of Austenasia.

Austenasians live in several exclaves - usually of half a dozen or less - across the world, due to the near-unique geographical set-up of the Empire.

Upon Austenasia's foundation in September 2008, an argument was made that the four original Austenasians - the residents of Wrythe - comprised a nation on the basis of common ethnicity and language (English), religion (Methodism), and geographical location (Wrythe), thus making the original foundation of Austenasian identity one of what could be termed ethnic nationalism. However, with the growth of Austenasia over the following years, it became impossible to retain these factors as the basis of Austenasian identity. Since 2013 at the latest (a year which saw a huge influx of new people and territories to the Empire), Austenasian identity has been founded on principles which can more easily be described as civic nationalism, with factors such as ethnicity and religion irrelevant to what makes one an Austenasian.