Peoples Party (Austenasia)

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Peoples Party (Austenasia)
LeaderAustin Jaax
Founded14 February 2020
Membership (2020)4
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Liberal socialism
Political positionCentre-left to left
Slogan"Populism, Democracy, Equality"
Cabinet positions
0 / 8
Seats in the House of Representatives
2 / 8
City Mayors
0 / 1

The Peoples Party is a political party in the Empire of Austenasia established on 14 February 2020, by Austin Jaax and John Gordon as a reaction to the dissolution of the Imperial Party. It was disestablished as a legal organization on 26 May 2020 through the Political Parties Act (2020).


The Peoples Party is a left-wing to centre-left political party. The Party is a hard populist party, that values democracy and equality. The Party supports representative and proportional democracy, as well as a Prime Minister. The Party is progressive on social issues, and broadly socialist on economic issues.

The Party advocates against feudalism, and absolute monarchism.