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  Crown Dependency of Austenasia  


Coat of arms
Motto: Everything for Austenasia
Established 15 January 2015
 - Governing Commissioner H.E. Akka Bey
 - Total 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 4
Time zone UTC+1

Enfriqua is a Crown Dependency of the Empire of Austenasia situated in North Africa. An enclave of the Algerian town of M'Sila, Enfriqua is comprised of a residential property, inhabited by a family of four.

Although under Austenasian sovereignty, Enfriqua is a Crown Dependency, and so is neither taxed nor has representation in Parliament. The Emperor holds absolute power over the Crown Dependency, exercised on his behalf by the Governing Commissioner, with Austenasian legislation not applying to Enfriqua unless it explicitly refers to it.

Enfriqua was established on 15 January 2015 after a request to be annexed by the Empire was made by its residents, one of whom, Akka Bey, was appointed Governing Commissioner of the Crown Dependency upon its foundation. In August 2021, major wildfires broke out in neighbouring Algeria, but Bey confirmed that Enqfriqua was not threatened by the fires.