State Intelligence Agency

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State Intelligence Agency

Current logo, adopted in 2017
Formed 8 August 2009
Publicly acknowledged 8 August 2017
Home Secretary Lord William Wilson, Count of Oribrazos
Director-General Classified
Headquarters Classified

The State Intelligence Agency, also known as the SIA, is the intelligence agency of the Empire of Austenasia, collecting and analysing information on both foreign and domestic threats to national security. The SIA is accountable to the Home Office.


The State Intelligence Agency was founded on 8 August 2009 by Emperor Terry I, who appointed his son Crown Prince Jonathan the Director-General of the secret organisation and gave him complete authority over the SIA as Prime Minister. Immediately before his ascension to the Throne in January 2013 as the now Emperor Jonathan I, the then Crown Prince transferred authority over the SIA from the office of Prime Minister to the Throne.

On 8 August 2017, Jonathan I issued an Imperial Edict publicly acknowledging the existence of the SIA for the first time, and appointing Daniel Dankovsky as Director-General. After the latter's removal from the position in March 2018, the identity of the incumbent Director-General has been kept secret. The Director-General is appointed by the Monarch and is accountable to the Home Secretary, currently Lord William Wilson.

The SIA routinely runs operations in the interests of the national security of the Empire. Only two have been publicly acknowledged, both of which took place during the Austenasian Civil War: Project Caesar, which examined any susceptibility to invasion of both Wrythe and Zephyria, and Project Imperium, which explored any ideological foundations to strengthen the legitimacy of the claim to the Throne of Emperor Esmond III.


# Photograph Name Term began Term ended Town Notes
1. HIH Crown Prince Jonathan 8 August 2009 20 January 2013 Wrythe Appointed the first head of the SIA as Prime Minister by Emperor Terry I. Oversaw Projects Caesar and Imperium during the Austenasian Civil War, the only two SIA operations the existence of which has so far been made public. Transferred authority over the SIA from the Prime Minister's Office to the Throne upon the impending abdication of Emperor Declan I.
2. HIM Emperor Declan I 20 January 2013 20 January 2013 N/A (Wilcsland) De jure Director-General for a few minutes before his abdication on 20 January 2013, authority over the SIA having been transferred to the Throne by the incoming Monarch, the then Crown Prince Jonathan.
3. HIM Emperor Jonathan I 20 January 2013 8 August 2017 Wrythe Became Director-General again upon his ascension to the Throne. Continued to oversee various operations of the SIA until publicly acknowledging the organisation in August 2017, upon which he resigned from the position and appointed a successor.
4. Iron Lord Daniel Dankovsky, Duke of Dalmatia 8 August 2017 5 March 2018 Jovanovo Appointed Director-General by Emperor Jonathan I. Revealed an attempt by Delvera to incite a coup against the Austenasian government. Dismissed by Parliament for racist remarks.
5. Classified 5 March 2018 Incumbent Classified Appointed Director-General by Emperor Jonathan I; identity kept secret.