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Legionary Territory of Jovanovo
—  Crown Dependency of Austenasia  —


Motto: With Him, you win
Anthem: Siberian Riflemen's March
Satellite view
Established 6 August 2017 (as Town)
5 March 2018 (as Crown Dependency)
 - Total 3.859e-2 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 12
Time zone UTC+1

The Legionary Territory of Jovanovo is a Crown Dependency of the Empire of Austenasia situated in Southeast Europe, bordered on all sides by Montenegro. The Crown Dependency consists of two rural residential properties and their surrounding land. It is unique amongst Crown Dependencies in that it is governed completely autonomously, with no Governing Commissioner to represent the Monarch.

Jovanovo was annexed by Austenasia initially as a Town on 6 August 2017. The founder of Jovanovo, Daniel Dankovsky, served as its Representative in Parliament despite not actually living in the Town itself, being eligible for this position due to being a non-residential subject who lives within the required distance (25 miles maximum) to the Town. Jovanovo - not including Dankovsky - has a population of twelve, two family units, all of whom are Orthodox Christians.

Jovanovo was transitioned from a Town into a Crown Dependency on 5 March 2018 after racist remarks were made by Dankovsky in a micronational Skype room in order to remove him from Parliament and distance the government from his views.

On 21 April later that year, Dankovsky announced reform to Jovanovo, declaring it to openly follow a far-right ideology based on that of the Romanian Iron Guard, changing its official name to the Legionary Territory of Jovanovo, and renaming his title to Supreme Captain. Dankovsky was dismissed from his position as Governing Commissioner on 9 July; since then, Jovanovo has by the consent of Jonathan I been governed by its residential population completely autonomously from the central government.