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  Town of Austenasia  
An exterior view of the building housing Chalcedon
Country  Empire of Austenasia
Founded 31 October 2019
 - Representative (Acting) Lord İsmetcan Saraç, Count of Bithynia
 - Total 0.001 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Total 6
Time zone UTC+03:00

Chalcedon is a Town of the Empire of Austenasia which consists of a section of an apartment building bordered by the Turkish district of Kadıköy. The town was annexed on 31 October 2019 after being offered to and claimed for Austenasia by Lord İsmetcan Saraç.

Kadıköy is the modern name for Chalcedon, from which the Austenasian Town takes its name. Chalcedon was a Greco-Roman maritime town which is best known for being the site of the Fourth Ecumenical Council under Marcian in 451.

The Austenasian Town of Chalcedon is comprised of three vertically stacked individual apartments situated within a single building, the rest of which is under Turkish sovereignty. All six residents are Sunni Muslim.


Chalcedon is currently represented by Lord İsmetcan Saraç, Count of Bithynia in Parliament as its Representative.

List of Representatives

Number Picture Name Political party Took office Left office Notes
1. Ismetcansarac.jpg Lord İsmetcan Saraç, Count of Bithynia Independent
(Fatherland Party until May 2020)
31 October 2019 Incumbent Appointed Acting Representative of Chalcedon by Parliament. Elected to the position in February 2020.