Coronation of Emperor Terry I

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Coronation of Terry I
Emperor Terry I at his coronation
Date20 May 2009
LocationImperial Residence, Wrythe

The coronation of HIM Emperor Terry I as Emperor of Austenasia took place on Wednesday 20 May 2009.

The coronation had initially been planned to take place on 16 May, his 48th birthday, but due to a trip away having already been planned for this date, it was postponed four days to instead mark eight months since Terry I ascended the Throne. The Imperial Regalia of Austenasia were acquired for the ceremony.

Wearing the Imperial Regalia of Austenasia - with the exception of the Imperial Diadem - Terry I entered Parliament Hall. He was seated on the spot from which the Austenasian Declaration of Independence had been sent via e-mail eight months previously, and promised "to rule fairly and wisely, to defend Austenasia, and to enforce and abide by the law." He was then crowned with the Diadem by his son Crown Prince Jonathan, in the latter's capacity as Founder.

The ceremony was very brief, lasting only a few minutes. Only the Emperor and Crown Prince were in attendance (Rose, the Mascot of the Order of the Bullmastiff was also present), but the coronation was filmed for broadcast via YouTube.

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Coronation of Emperor Terry I
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