Home Office (Austenasia)

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Home Office
Established 8 November 2008
Home Secretary Lord Richard Hytholoday, Count of Maritimae

The Home Office of Austenasia (formerly known as the Ministry of Residents and Immigration) is the government body responsible for the internal affairs of the Empire of Austenasia.

The Home Office has four main responsibilities. The first is border control - ensuring that no exiled persons or illegal items travel over the border - through the Border Enforcement Agency. The second is registering any new residents that arrive in Austenasia and keeping a regularly updated census of all subjects and residents of the Empire. The third is supervising the running of the State Intelligence Agency, and the fourth is supervising the running of the Environmental Agency.

The Home Office was originally known as the Ministry of Residents and Immigration when it was founded by Act 13 of the Austenasian Parliament on 8 November 2008, but was renamed to the Home Office on 17 January 2009 by Act 49 when it was given authority over the Austenasian Police (which is now administered by the Ministry of Justice).

The Home Office is run by the Home Secretary. Since February 2021, this has been Lord Richard Hytholoday.

To better co-ordinate the work of the Home Office, since 28 July 2011 its responsibilities have been carried out by specialised departments:

  • Department for the Census
  • Department for Border Enforcement
  • Department for the Environment