Green Gate

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Green Gate
Territory of Austenasia
Flag of Green Gate
Golden Gate
"Watch us shine"
Established14 March 2019
 • GovernorLord Zabëlle Skye, Baron of Green Gate
 • Total0.00056 km2 (0.00022 sq mi)
 • Total0
Time zoneGMT

Green Gate, also known as Golden Gate, is an Austenasian territory which was established on 14 March 2019. It was established by Lord Zabëlle Skye, who serves as the Baron of Green Gate.


Being a territory of Austenasia, Green Gate has a Governor, who is currently Lord Zabëlle Skye. As Governor, Skye is also de facto in charge of enforcing Austenasian law. Janus Skye is second in line to be governor incase Skye steps down or is otherwise unable to serve.


A forest in Green Gate.

Green Gate is in the shape of a almost perfect rectangle, with an upper point to the north. Green Gate is mostly surrounded by oak trees. There way a tiny lake in the northern most part called Green Gate Lake, however it has since dried up on October 2018. Green Gate is home to a large number of plant life.

There are two golf courses next to Green Gate, with a public path also bordering Green Gate. The robin and is the unofficial national animal of Green Gate, as they are very common.

Imperial visit

On 8 April 2019, Jonathan I visited Green Gate. He brought the Austenasian flag with him, and took many photos of Green Gate.