Zed I, Prince of New Eiffel

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Zed I
Prince of New Eiffel
Reign 11 August 2018 -
Born 18 November 2004 (2004-11-18) (age 14)
London, England
Full name
Zed Wilhelmus J. Smith
Father L. Smith
Mother M. "Daleen" Louisa du Plessis

HM Prince Zarel I (full name: Zarel Wilhelmus Jacobus Smith; Prince Zed I; born 18 November 2004) is the first and incumbent prince of the Principality of New Eiffel, and head of state of the Islands of Omaha. Zed is also a film critic, actor, TV presenter, and music artist.

On 14 March 2019, Zed became a non-residential subject of the Empire of Austenasia after founding the Austenasian Territory of Green Gate, which he administers as its Governor as Lord Zarel Smith, Baron of Green Gate.[1] On 4 August 2019, He became a non-residential subject of the Kingdom of Baustralia and serves as Baustralian Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britan and Northern Ireland.

Early life

Zed was born on 18 November 2004 in Epsom General Hospital in Surrey. He grew up in a very well off family. Although he moved a lot in his first few years, he mostly grew up in Wimbledon living with both his birth parents. He has a younger and older brother, J. Heystek Smith, and Samuel Smith.

He was raised Anglican, and baptised when he was around the age of two.


In 2013, he started showing interest in drama and theatre acting, and started going to a drama school called Kingston School.

Sometime in 2014, he also started taking art classes from the same school. He was two years to young, however the art teacher pointed out that he had very good art skills, and let him start taking art classes. While there, he completed the bronze arts award, and came first of his class. He left Kingston School in 2015 after the new art teacher claimed he was too young.

In 2018, he started going to New Eiffel School. He got above average grades, his best subject being English language and grammar, and geography with an average grade of A+, and his worst being Mathematics with an average grade of F+.

In the same year, he started going to special film and theatre acting classes in Esher Church of England High School. These special classes happen after Esher Church of England High school closes.[2]

Personal hobbies and interests

Aside from film, Zed is also a music composer, singer, and song writer in his spare time. Zed is also a television show host, photographer and voice actor. Zed also loves reading, writing and occasionally bike riding.

Zed loves micronationalism, movies, music, animation, art, cultural geography, political geography, religious geography, and street art. Zed is also into fashion, and owns his own clothing company called Zínt.



Zed created a micronational organisation called the New Eiffel Union of Micronations. NEUM has been described as an above average organisation and very welcoming to newer micronations, although still staying relatively professional. As of 25 April 2019, NEUM has 39 member states.

New Eiffel has been described as very powerful micronation, and has a good potential on becoming a serious micronation. This is mainly said because New Eiffel has built roads, a school, and has plans for a hospital and gym. New Eiffel is also planning on printing passports and stamps. New Eiffel has also been described as a non-serious micronation, with LOLspeak as a recognised regional language, and the political ideology Swampism. Even though Swampism is considered a joke in New Eiffel itself.

New Eiffel got four votes on the Micronational Popularity Index (MPI), placing it 10th. This did receive some criticism however, from people saying that not enough poeple participated on the MPI. Despite this, some people also claimed it was accurate, and that New Eiffel was a serious and hardworking micronation.

Zed made an official statement saying “I’m surprised it [New Eiffel] was ranked so high too! But remember, only around 40 people voted, although I would still say it’s relatively accurate.”


When he was the king of New Eiffel, he made new laws (since parliament didn’t exist at the time) in order to claim ownership of other people’s property. The media and citizens gave him massive backlash, so he willingly stepped down as king, and gave himself less power.


Zed is the owner and writer of ZNEWS and the New Eiffel Times. Zed is also a former writing and editor for the Bannerman Online, under the penname "Z. Luna Skye".

Film career

Zed in First Bite (2018)

Zed is a film enthusiast. He has stated that if he ever gets a job, he would want it to be anything related to film, such as a director, actor, cinematographer, filmmaker or film critic.


Zed has appeared in over 20 different short films, and is currently working on The Republic of Me.

Film criticism

Zed is a film critic and is the owner of ZSR Film Reviews, where he publishes his reviews for various feature films.


Titles, styles, and honours

 New Eiffel
  • 30 August 2018 – present: His Majesty Prince Zed I of New Eiffel
  • 28 February 2019 – present: Grand Peacefur
  • 25 May 2019 – present: Sovereign of the Order of the Lion (New Eiffel)
 Islands of Omaha
  • 8 December 2018 – present: Head of state of the Islands of Omaha
  • 14 March 2019 – present: Lord Zarel Smith, Baron of Green Gate

Former titles

 New Eiffel
  • 11 August 2018 - 30 August 2018: His Majesty Prince Zed I of New Temporary



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