Lahav Morris

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Lahav Morris is the Emperor of the Blue Army and has multiple other titles and ranks in multiple Micronations, Religions, and Organisations. Some of his ranks include, the Creator, Emperors, Emperor of Plants, The God of Creativity Creation Originality Construction & Tecnology, His tallness, the first and Hopefully last Emperor of the Blue Army, The high one, The Legend, Owner of the Mound.

Personal Info


Lahav did not like being called your highness so instead people within the empire called him His Tallness. This was chosen because Lahav is Very tall.

Emperor of the Blue Army

Lahav wishes to be immortal, so when it is said "Hopefully last" it does not mean his followers wish for him to die but rather that he wil permanantly stay in office therefore being the last (& first) Empror of the Blue Army

In Film

Lahav was chosen to be a voice actor in the Blue Army's first film: Gallop the film.

It is said that Lahav will also be the Director of the Gallop the film, wile his brother Roy Morris will be the editor.