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הצבא הכחול (Heb)

Flag of the blue army.


In production'

Recognised languages: English , Hebrew, Squkish, Bluez

Capital city:
Capitala Lorxia
Largest city:
Capitala Lorxia

Total Area 7m²

Total Maincore population: 30
Total Maincore civilians: 30
Total Maincore Resisdance 5

Proxy population 9

Recognised members 31
Full Maincore Residents 2.5

currency: Poody & ono/golder

Naional Sport: Tank Competitions

National Tree: Lemon tree

National Animal: Human

Located at: International

Sentence of wisdom:
"Get the Job, done"

The Imperial Federation of the Blue Army or simply the Blue Army for short is a Neo Empire that was created by Lahav Morris.

The Creator

Lahav Morris is the creator of the Blue Army, therefore, it is also one of his ranks within the Empire. Since Lahav was a child he wanted to be an Emperor. Lahav hopes to be the first and last emperor of the Blue Army, not because he wishes to collapse after he dies but rather because he wishes not to die in the first place.

The Blue Army is a micronation seeking to become a macronation however it does not wish to secede from any macro nation but rather they wish to buy a territory to claim as their own. Currently, all of the blue army's territory is either in the form of a rock or in the middle of international waters. Since no country claimed any of the Blue Army's land when it was formed it did not declare independence but rather declared its existence.[1]. It declared existence on November 17, 2017.


See Countries & territories belonging to the Blue Army

The Blue Army currently consists of 3 countries/territories.

Capitala Lorxia

The first territory is Capitala Lorxia which is the capital of the Blue Army. it is a rock that is said to slightly resemble a gun. Wherever the rock is placed becomes an extension of the rock. This means that it becomes the capital if a rock is placed in it.

Territory 1

Territory 1 is often mistaken as the first country within the empire but in actuality its the second one. The exact location of Territory 1 is secret but it is known that its a small volcanic rock in international waters somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

The mound

This is the largest country in the Blue army.


Early Era

It is unknown exactly when did the Blue Army start to Form. It is estimated that the Blue army started to form sometime between 2004 to 2006. The Blue army was announced to the world by the Emperor (Lahav Morris) of the Blue Army in 2017. Ever since the creation of the Blue Army, Lahav Morris was its Emperor, Sometime in April 2018, Lahav decided he wanted another rank since he did not like being an Emperor so he changed his Rank to be: The CREATOR. Lahav changed his mind before changing his rank so he is both: The EMPEROR,& The CREATOR.

Low activity period

In 2020 the empire started its low activity period which lasted until 2023. This period has no elections and only minimal intermicronational interactions.

National holidays

Name Date Notes
Empire Day 3 MAY A day celebrating the existence of the empire.
Tankers Day 7 May A day to learn about the history of tanks
Plant Day 31 MAY Celebration of the rights of plants in the empire.
Month of Importance 1-31 MAY A month to appreciate the empires Achievements in.

Other events

Name Date Type Notes
Minister Elections 4 April Democratic Vote the people five their vote to a party. There a 5 ministers with different parties running for them each. Each minister is voted upon separately.


Currently, In the Blue army, each Territory & country is governed separately, there is also the overall government that governs the empire as a whole.

Political Partiess

In the overall management of the empire, there is the Emperor and his ministers. The parties of the empire try to get their people into being as many ministers a possible. There are two main parties and a far smaller third party trying to get as many votes as possible. The short versions of the (current) parties names are: PP-Plant Party, HP-Human Party, NS-Nissanim GI-Gilarim. There is a List of political parties in the Blue Army.

Plant Party

The Plant Party is first and foremost a pro Plant rights party. The party is anti-vegan and also is against vegetarians. The party is also a Libertarian party believing in free speech free economy and is pro drug Legalization. The first head of their party was Frank Futershtine the 2nd to his name. Currently, the plant party has the most influence with 3 ministers out of 5. The Plant Party currently consists of 4 Members. Out of the four members, 3 are Plants while only one is a Human. The Plant Party used to have 5 members but Frank II died in the middle of 2018. The Plant party took an active role in the Moth invasion although they did admit that they were ones to start the conflict with the Moths.

Human Party

The human party changes its stance on political issues swinging from left-wing to right-wing. It was founded by Roy Morris who is also its current head. The human party is the second most influential party having 2 out of 5 ministers. The head of the Human party Roy Morris is the younger brother of the Emperor. Roy did not take part in the Moth invasion But he did take part in the preparations for the Second Moth Invasion


Nissanim is the third party in the empire. Their head was a former member of the human party. they have no ministers and therefore have no power over the empire currently. The Nissanim party was the first party to be pro the creation of the Federation Of Green & Blue. This leads to them gaining some outer influence outside of the main core of the empire. One of the six current members of the Federation is From the Nissanim party.


The Gilarim party is another third party in the Blue Army. They are pro in expanding the empire.


Ministers are in charge of certain stuff in the empire. the ministers are the Minister of defense (Incharge of the united army of the Blue Army), Minister of police (in charge of maintaining the law in the empire), Minister of Health (in charge of the Health and Safty of the citizens), Minister of Technology (in charge of maintaining and advancing the technologies of the empire), Minister of Religion (in charge of managing the religions within the empire).

(In 2019 until today the minister of religion was replaced by the minister of entertainment until it will be returned when decided to be needed again )

Former Goverment Figures

Frank Futerstine the second to his name was the first leader of the plant party. Frank Futerstine (aka Frank II) was elected by the Emperor to become the first leader of the first party in the Empire. During his career, Frank was criticized by the Human Party for being a Flower. Franks's career ended suddenly ended with his death on 7/17/2018. Frank was still in office as the Minister of defense when he died.


The Blue army only known conflicts are the Moth Wars

The Blue Army has entered a Micro Conflict against Moths a second time at 10/19/2018. The military operation is still ongoing.

Moth Invasion

During June 2018 The plant party claimed there was a hostile Moth invasion of the Empire. this led to the empire preparing for a full-scale war. There were three battles during the operation to eliminate boring hostile forces. A few months after the war it was discovered to be a spin made by the Plant Party to attempt to become more popular. This is part of the Blue Army's ongoing conflicts with Moths known as the Moth Wars

Second Moth Invasion

Moths started to Eat civilians (from the plant community) of the Empire due to that they have declared war on Moths again. The conflict is currently ongoing. The operation is lead by the Human Party and the Plant Party. This is part of the Blue Army's ongoing conflicts with Moths known as the Moth Wars.

Armies of the Blue Army

The Blue army has two armies under its control. *It has a total of troops are 3 and one Commander. the army is 75% Human and 25% Plant.

United Army of the Blue Army

The Blue Army's current main army is its United Army. The United army Consists of 2 soldiers (both humans) and the minister of Defence (who is also their commander).

Capitala Lorxia's Gurd force

The capitals guard force is also known as Capitala Lorxia's Guard Force. The Capitals Guard Force exists for one reason only and that is to protect Capitala Lorxia from anyone seeking to do it harm. The Capitals Guard Force consists of a single guard (Human).


There are 20 people currently in the empire. There are another 9 people in the Vasal states of the empire.

Pop type

13 humans 6 plants 1 Dog. There is also a salt grinder that became a member of the empire but it does not count as a living thing, so its a resident rather than a civilian.

Late members

Three snails where once part of the empire but they died three days after joining. There is also Frank II who passed away. Frank was a Flower and was a Member of the Plant Party

Common Ideology's

Neo Imperialism

The Blue Army's main Ideology is Neo Imperialism. Neo imperialism is similar to imperialism but does not include the bad parts of imperialism such as oppression. Neo imperialism also is against Military expansion. Within the neo imperialistic community, it is agreed that a neo empire should usually expand in ether a verogit way (expanding by taking unclaimed territories and such) or economically (to expand by simply buying the land, similar methods of expansion that may combine the two or be slightly deferent (such as merging with other nations (willingly (from both nations))) or absorbing a smaller nation (in a non-militaristic manor) are also welcome in Neo Imperialism. Neo imperialism is however pro expanding the neo-Empires military because any country should have a force to defend itself with.

The Blue Army's built on Neo Imperialism and such its culture is also built around it.

Lahavistic Activial Defence

Lahavistic Defence is to allow all activity as long as is does not:

. 1. Harm or endanger the Empire

. 2. Harm or endanger the Emperor

. 3. Harm or endanger the empire's citizens

. 4. Harm or endanger the one (or ones) doing(/taking part of) the activity

U.E.M Membership

On 12/1/2018 The Blue Army joined the United Earth-based Micronations as the first member state in the organization.

Major International Events



24/01/2020 Blue Army vs Siplea War Thunder match


on 10/17/2018 the blue army started to post news on google+ [2] it also has a youtube channel [3]

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