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Bluez, also known as Bluear (pronounced Blue-ar), is a language spoken in the Blue Army. It is also an official language of the New Eiffel Union of Micronations. The language is still in development.


Bluear is not very commonly used, even in the Blue army. This is all despite Bluear being invented to replace Sqauckish.


Bluear has a total of 55 letters currently.


Bluear has slightly over 900 words currently.

Replace words

Replace words are words that will be replaced in the future but they do temporaraly exist until a suitable replacement will be invented .


Rough tranclation to english:

  • Katsa/ short
  • Aro/ very long
  • LO/ long
  • Squakilshe/ sqauckish
  • Rouh/ dog
  • Meo/ cat
  • OOP-LE/ Love (in a romantic way)
  • Api/ to call somthing cute
  • Khah/ to louth something
  • Gavo/ tall
  • Giv-e/ a Hill or a Mountain
  • Cawi/ Wing
  • Akri/ can be used to make reference to scorpions, spiders or crabs.


In Bluear, a 12 based number system is used instead of the 10 used in most languages.

  • OON/ 1
  • Shta/ 2
  • Shal/ 3
  • Arb/ 4
  • Fie/ 5
  • Shix/ 6
  • Shen/ 7
  • Shate/8
  • Nisha/ 9
  • Optim/ 10
  • Aahan/ 11
  • Shtelf/ 12


Bluez was a Language invented by the Emperor during 2018.


Due to the complexity of Sqauckish (as well as a few other minor reasons) it was decided by the emperor and the 5 ministers that a new language would need to be developed from scratch. This led to the creation of Bluez during 2018.

Name change

Bluear was originally called Bluez, but its name was officially changed on November the 29th of 2018.