United earth based micronations

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United earth based micronations
Official language English
Year created 2018
Current member states 6
Potential future members 8

U.E.M stands for United Earth based Micro nations. It was partially inspired by the Organisation of Active Micronations.



On the 1st of December multiple members of the Blue Army desided that there should be a large organisation to help micronations to discover eachother existence. The U.E.M also allows member states to communicate ate and reach agreements more easily. The U.E.M went to the Forums to recruite new member states soon after it was created.

other reasons for the existance of U.E.M

The U.E.M was established to promote diplomacy inorder for micronations to work together and cooperate with eachother in a practical way. It also exists to advance talks about non earth based micronations that will (Hopefully) start to apear somtime around the 2020s to the 2040s.

member states

Member state Active/Inactive Date joined
Blue Army Active 1/12/2018
Federation Of Green & Blue Active 3/12/2018
The Principality of New Eiffel Active 7/12/2018
The Capitalistic Republic of Askio Semi Active 17/12/2018
Askidogo Semi Active 31/01/2019-01/02/2019
Etrog Republic Semi Active 07/02/2019