Organisation of Active Micronations (2019)

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Organisation of Active Micronations
Intermicronational organisation

Anthem "Gustav Holst- Jupiter" (orchestral)
Headquarters Victoria, Empire of Emosia
Chancellor Charles Ross
Vice-Chancellor James Ellis

Official languages Various[1]

Motto “A real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out”

Membership 44 Full Members
2 Observers

– Foundation 21 November 2018

Budget £345.67

The Organisation of Active Micronations (OAM) is an intermicronational organisation founded by New Eiffel and Livettree, created to stimulate foreign relations and the development of micronations, providing a space in which said states can utilize assistance from the organisation's community to design national symbols such as flags, logos, coats of arms or emblems in addition to the identifying marks of their public and private corporations.

OAM members coordinate the writing of articles in MicroWiki, ensuring an environment of peace and cooperation in which they can obtain the legal stability necessary for all citizens of micronations to start their own businesses and obtain funding.

The Organisation of Active Micronations is one of the fastest growing micronational organisations (within the MicroWiki Sector). This is most likely due to the fact that the organisation is not very exclusive.


The Organisation of Active Micronations has achieved much since it's founding.

Foundation and early history

The organisation was created on 21 November 2018 by New Eiffel and Livettree. It was originally meant to be an organisation for trading and foreign relations. During its early history, the OAM was known as the New Eiffel Union of Micronations (this name was heavily criticized by early members for its seemingly imperialistic and possessive tone) more commonly refereed to as the NEUM or the NEUoM.

By late December of that same year, the NEUM had gained 12 member states, and together they started a new list of goals and purposes. The union obtained £80 funding from SURÜ, making it easier for the union to financially support its many micronational businesses. Foreign relations also quickly arose between member states, making it much easier for them to communicate. Additionally, the NEUoM at this time constructed its discord server to act as its permanent hub and primary meeting center (replacing google hangouts).

Original logo of the New Eiffel Union of Micronations

Early 2019

Growth slowed down a bit throughout early 2019, and many prominent longtime member states like the Blue Army became inactive. Although, several states joined in January-March 2019 (most notably the Tsardom of Phokland and the Empire of Emosia) inactivity became an increasing problem and there were talks of dissolving the union.

Besides the plaguing inactivity within the union, some things of note were accomplished. Most importantly, the official discord server was formalized and updated, allowing for more ease of access allowing the union to gain 7 new full members within the first week of the update. Diplomatic ties also grew, as it became easier and more efficient to communicate through discord. Ministers were also introduced, the first ministries were; Minister of Recruitment, Minister of help and other affairs, Minister of writing and grammar, Minister of Foreign Relations, and the Minister of finance.

April, 2019 - Present

After a boost in activity and the creation of a legislative committee (known as the Council of Legislature), the group decided that its working name, the New Eiffel Union of Micronations was too self serving so on 1 May 2019 (following a referendum) the organization officially changed it's name to the Organisation of Active Micronations (hoping to follow in the footsteps of the group that had previously held the name). Though the new name has caused some mild controversy throughout the micronational community, it is widely accepted and approved of within the organisation.


The OAM exists with several goals in mind, both within and without the micronational community.


The organisation features a series of templates for members to ensure that all micronations have access to the creation of their own elaborate symbols such as flags, logos, coats of arms or images representing public and private corporations in each nation. With graphic design and cultural tools, micronations can launch actions related to the issuance of postage stamps, issuing banknotes or also creating their own magazines with cultural content.

Partners have access to article writing services both from the micronational entities themselves and from individuals highlighted from the micronations in the MicroWiki.

The OAM also creates and participates in several community outreach events (such as the OAM Games).

Diplomatic area

OAM members have access to a completely open market where (through free trade/defense) many states can easily find allies with whom they can cooperate to produce statistics, working papers, books and other reference materials for the cultural and economic development of the community.

Legal stability

The organisation's judicial division helps to arbitrate possible misunderstandings and disputes between members, guaranteeing a space for communication and intermicronational stability. The judicial division of the OAM has the task of preventing wars and other such conflicts between member states and other members/outside nations.

Small business assistance

The New Eiffel Times, an OAM funded business

Through the development both in graphic design and in legal stability sponsored through the organization, members have access to a space where they can find potential commercial allies with whom to develop business relationships, being able to find sponsors or financing diverse businesses in the public and private institutions of each micronation.


Membership into the OAM is open to all micronations/geofictional states. The only requirements are that the nation must have the sponsorship of an already existing full member and the applying nation must be grounded in some form of reality (eg. the applying state cannot be a roleplay/LARP). As of May 2019, there are 44 full members and 2 observers.

Members that are under "Red Status" are currently being voted on whether they should be kicked or not.

Full members

In order of date of joining...

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Code Notes
New Eiffel Flag.jpeg Principality of New Eiffel 21 Nov 2018 Új Repülő NE Founder of the Organisation of Active Micronations (2019).
Livettree Flag-16.jpeg The Presidential Republic of Livettree 21 Nov 2018 Saint Belina PR Co-founder of the New Eiffel Union of Micronations.
Flag of Socialist United Republic of Ünie.jpeg Socialist United Republic of Ünie 24 Nov 2018 New Murph ZZ Observer from November 21 until November 24.
Seybold Flag.jpeg Democratic Republic of Seybold 25 Nov 2018 New Springfield SE N/A
Flag of islamic-State-of-habi.jpeg Islamic Republic of Hala’ib Triangle 29 Nov 2018 Su’nav HT N/A
Flagoffalcar2018.jpg Kingdom of Falcar and the Rottnest 30 Nov 2018 Arbonia FR N/A
Blue flag.png Blue Army 5 Dec 2018 Capitala Lorxia BA Highly active. Contact if NEUM related help
is needed.
Flag of Omaha.svg.jpeg The Islands of Omaha 12 Dec 2018 Vélly Town YX Observer state from 8 December until 12 December.
Sketch-1540953393549.png The Republic of Malinovia 15 Dec 2018 Adillon MA Will represent the NEUoM at MicroCon 2019.
Fakeflag-mh2-au5.png Republic of Ellesmere 18 Dec 2018 Ellesmere Hamlet EL N/A
Askio.png The Capitalistic Republic of Askio 18 Dec 2018 Has no cities AS Started the joining process on 17 December.
VA Flag.png Great Empire of Villa Alicia 10 Jan 2019 Maringa VA N/A
South Islands of Omaha.jpeg South Islands of Omaha 27 Jan 2019 Has no cities SO N/A
Flag of Myrek Republic.jpeg Myrek Republic 28 Jan 2019 Ghava MR Wasn’t allowed to join until 28 January 2019.
Serralia Bandera Patria2019.png República de Serralia 29 Jan 2019 Hermenepolis SR N/A
Flag Of MaudenaOfficial.png Republic of Maudena 31 Jan 2019 Maudena MD N/A
NationalFlag2019.png Esecina 2 Feb 2019 Portofino ES N/A
Method-draw-image (6).svg Landland 8 Feb 2019 Has no cities LL N/A
Dukenewflag.png Principality of Duke 16 Feb 2019 Chatham DU N/A
Pflag4.png Tsardom of Phokland 19 Feb 2019 Rosston PH Observer from 1 February until 19 February, Will represent the NEUoM at MicroCon 2021.
Lululandian flago.png Republic of Lululand 20 Feb 2019 Urb der Ribeltuum LU N/A
Flag of Pikelend.jpeg Absolute Monarchy of Pikelend 22 Feb 2019 Pikelend City AB Observer State from 18 February to 22 February.
Flag of Harmony South.jpeg Harmony South 23 Feb 2019 Capital Serenity HS N/A
Bepistan Flag.png Kingdom of Bepistan 23 Feb 2019 Has no cities BE N/A
United Territories and Provinces of New Paint New Paint 24 Feb 2019 Desert Hot Springs NP N/A
Sunnit empire flag.jpg Kingdom of Sunnit 24 Feb 2019 Mithra city ST N/A
Flag of North Africa.png Empire of North Africa 27 Feb 2019 Anpono NA N/A
N/A United New Republic of Ünie 28 Feb 2019 N/A NU Is a Wikia micronation.
Iival.jpg Principality of the Kingdom of Inival 3 March 2019 Fwhyde II Observer from 2 March until 3 March.
Flag of Pöllömaa.png Kingdom of Pöllömaa 12 March 2019 Roadnine PL N/A
Goldenstein.flag.jpg Goldenstein 14 March 2019 Freddietown GD N/A
Empire of Emosia 3x5.png Empire of Emosia 3 April 2019 Kyber EM N/A
Flag of Antriaton Empire.jpeg Antriaton Empire 5 April 2019 Antriaton Capital AN Is a Wikia micronation.
Flag of Roscommon.png Kingdom of Roscommon 7 April 2019 Roscommon (town) CO Kingdom of Connaught/Duchy of CC (7th April 2019-3rd May 2019) DR of Taughmaconnell (3rd May 2019-5th of May 2019) Kingdom of Roscommon (6th May 2019-Present)
Lytera flag.png Kingdom of Lytera 11 April 2019 St. Cavendish LY N/A
N/A Novae Unionis 12 April 2019 N/A NV N/A
Flag of Darta.jpeg Federation of Darta 15 April 2019 Dipart DA N/A
Flag of Gradonia.svg State of Gradonia 10 May 2019 Charlington N/A May present laws in Chamber of Legislature, approved by Speaker of the Chamber
QaflanaFlag.jpeg Qaflana 10 May 2019 N/A
Kingdom of West Kaurakuja.png Kingdom of West Kaurakuja 10 May 2019 West Kaurakuja N/A
New Cymru Flag.jpg New Cymru 10 May 2019 Terra NC
N/A Republic of Everland 17 May 2019 Everland City N/A
Dw3.png Third Kingdom of Misberia 17 May 2019 Eastport N/A
Flag of Yiff.jpeg Republic of Yiff 17 May 2019 Has no cities N/A
Ponderosa flag.svg Ponderosa Hills 18 May Arsenal PN Was observer for approximately 20 hours

Observer states

Observer states with yellow indicates their full membership will be voted upon next meeting.

Flag Micronation Observer date Capital City(s) Code Notes
Flag of Zenrax.png Principality of Zenrax 14 May 2019 Capital Territory N/A



This is the official list of micronations representing the OAM at MicroCon and Pre-MicroCon.

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OAM Discord



  1. Afrikaans, Arabic, Arabtemporarian, Bluez, English, Falcarian, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Kanglap, Landlandian, Lululandian, Malinovian, Mandarin Chinese, Myrekese, New Eiffellian, Occitan, Patian, Pikelendish, Portuguese, Russian, Squkish, Spanish, Thai, Welsh, Ünic, Unlish, Phoklandish, swedish Goldensteinian and Zulu