Empire of Qoí

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Empire of Qoí
Qoi flag.svgNocoa.png

Võimalus (Estonian)
Opportunity (English)
Qoi land claims.PNG
Bassas da India Atoll to the North, Europa Island to the South. Note that the unnamed land claims in Idaho are not pictured.
Official language(s)English, Qoínian Creole
Official religion(s)Religious freedom
Short nameQoí
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Established1 June 2019
Area claimed108.83210979 km² (42.0203125086475 mi²)
CurrencyQoínian fether
National sportSoccer
National animalCoturnix quail
Patron saintAnne Line
Land area includes territorial waters in Bassas da India and Europa Island.

The Empire of Qoí, (pronounced /kwɑ/) also called the Qoínian Empire or simply Qoí, is a micronation formed from New Paint, Seems, Sage, and Patch. These states are collectively known as the Joint Four. The incumbent emperor, Jaiden I, dissolved the four nations on June 1, 2019.


The name Qoí comes from the English word quail, the name of a game bird.


Jaiden I dissolved the Joint Four on 1 June 2019 in order to form Qoí. His reasoning was to move on from his former nations, which would give him a better opportunity to grow in the micronational community. This is where Qoí's motto Võimalus comes from. Võimalus is Estonian for "opportunity".


On 1 June 2019, Jaiden I decided to dissolve the Joint Four. His reasoning behind this was to upgrade from the past experiences in the community.


On 2 June 2019, Europa Island and Bassas da India were annexed into the empire. This placed Qoí's total area (land and sea) at 108 km², or 42 mi².

On 16 June 2019, a piece of land in Idaho was annexed into the nation. This land was clocked in at one whole acre. Another piece of land, also in Idaho, was annexed as well. This third annexation's total land area was 12 acres.

In total, Qoí's total area accumulates to 108.83210979 km² (42.0203125086475 mi²).


Qoí's history is divided into three eras:

Government and politics

Qoí is an absolute monarchy, with all power given to the incumbent emperor. The emperor has absolute power over everything within the micronation, ranging from laws to organizations, and even judicial cases.

The current Emperor of Qoí is Jaiden I.


The currency of Qoí is the Qoínian fether. Fethers are represented by using actual feathers. This feather/fether can come from a chicken, turkey, guinea fowl, duck, goose, or quail. However, all of these different "breeds" of feathers are worth different amounts.