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Republic of Maudena
Flag Of MaudenaOfficial.png
Coat of Arms Maudena.png

Map Of Maudena.png
Capital cityMaudena
Largest cityHerburg (by population)
Official language(s)English
GovernmentConstitutional Republic
- PresidentFritz Winguric
- Prime MinisterJordi Grau Donat
LegislatureParliament of Maudena
Established30 May 2018
CurrencyEuro (€)
Time zoneUTC+1

Official website Official Twitter

Maudena, officially Republic of Maudena, is a self-declared independent nation, commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, composed of the private properties of its citizens.


Maudena was established on 30 May 2018 as a constitutional republic, following the holding of the referendum with the constitutional draft proposed by Fritz Winguric. The first locations founded were Covano, in the south of the nation, as the seat of all public institutions and Herburg in the north.


Maudena is divided into 3 districts located in West and South of Europe.

Flag Arms Region Capital Governor
Flag Of MaudenaOfficial.png
Coat of Arms Maudena.png
Maudena Maudena David Mercier
Covano Region Flag.png
Covano Region Coat.png
Covano Covano Jordi Grau Donat
Herburg Region Flag.png
Herburg Region Coat.png
Herburg Herburg Ulfric Guthlaf

Political parties

Party Name Emblem Leader(s) Position Seats in the National Council Seats in the Council of Ministers
Democratic Orthodox Party (MOP) DOPLogo.png Fritz Winguric Christian right Paleoconservatism Social conservatism
3 / 6
4 / 5
Social Democratic Party (SDP) SDPLogo.png Jordi Grau Donat Social Democratic
3 / 6
1 / 5