Lululandian Rodgrupe Federative Socialist Republic

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Lululandian Rodgrupe Federative Socialist Republic
  • Lululantien Rodgrupe Sojzialem Fejderaziem Respublik
    Лулуландски Cоивет Федерацеская Социалист Республик
    룰루란드 로드그룹 연방 사회주의 공화국
    rodgrup fidriraliyah gebfaxbas luluyebdu
Coat of Arms
Motto: Zie zechen dun trejms, und zie paelifen aet.
Фундаст юн трема, и пелифанаст зт.
To seek your dreams, and to believe in it.
당신의 꿈을 탐색하고, 그것을 믿자.

Map of Lululand
Map of Lululand
Largest cityNorðberg
Official languagesLululandian
Recognised national languagesKorean
Recognised regional languagesDovoi
Ethnic groups
GovernmentFederal Marxist-Leninist one-party socialist republic
Head of state 
• 2019-2020 (first) (last)
Daniel Lim
Head of government 
• 2019–2020 (first) (last)
Daniel Lim
Daniel Lim
LegislatureNational assembly
Historical era21st century
• Foundation of the Rodgrupe Union
23 August 2019
• Total
35.44 km2 (13.68 sq mi)
HDI (2019)0.854
very high
CurrencyLululandian Þiklen (LUT)
Time zone(UTC+8)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code69420
Internet TLD.lul
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Lululandian Rodgrupe Federative Socialist Republic
Republic of Lululand

The Lululandian Rodgrupe Federative Socialist Republic (former Lululand Republic); Lululandian: Lululantien Rodgrupe Fejderazion Sojzialem Respublik, lat. Lululantien Rodgrupe Feideratsion Soitzialem Respublik, is a micronation founded on December 26, 2017 by founder and Head of state Daniel Lim, Seung Bin Hong (Lululandian: Lojkrjetem Seung Bin Hong) and co-founder Amr Sharaf the Epic. In August 18, 2019, the Lululand republic formed the Lululandian RFSR and the Rodgrupe Union and is the controlling state of the URSR. The country is devided into 8 states, the capital being Sejgshtat.


The name Lululand derives from the conlang and the official language of Lululand, Lululandian. It means epic in Lululandian. The official demonym is "Lululandian". The official abbreviation is "LUL".

Official Names

  • 26 December 2017 ~ 23 February 2018: Luluplania
  • 23 February 2018 ~ 15 November 2018: Lulunia
  • 15 November 2018 ~ 18 February 2019: New Lulunia
  • 18 February 2019 ~ 18 August 2019: Lululand
  • 18 August 2019 ~ Present: Lululandian Rodgrupe Federative Socailist Republic



On August 23, 2019 the Lululand Republic changed its name to the Lululandian Rodgrupe Federative Socialist Republic. The former president of the Lululand, Daniel Lim, declared the National Renewal System and without noticing the public or government staff Daniel Lim abolished the Lululand Republic and formed the Lululandian Rodgrupe Federative Socialist Republic and the Union of Rodgrupe Socialist Republics.

Government and politics

The Lululandian RFSR government is a Federal Marxist-Leninist one-party socialist republic. Much like the former USSR, the supreme court is nominally the highest state body.

Communist Party

The Lululandian RFSR is controlled by the Workers' Communism Party of the Rodgrupe Union. The party was founded by Kyeong Hwan Hong, however, since the dissolution of the Lululand Republic, Daniel Lim took full control of the party. Other parties are illegal since the Lululandian RFSR has a one-party government system. All government staff is a member of the CPRU.

Prior to the establishment of the Lululandian RFSR, there were 4 parties in Lululand.

Post-Lululand, the Workers' Communism Party of the Rodgrupe Union gained full control.

Party Logo Members
Party leader Position Ideology
  Workers' Communism Party of the Rodgrupe Union (APL)
Arebejterenkomjunism Partej der die Rodgrupe Opasen
Воркорум Комючизм Партнум Cоивет Oпацен
26 / 100
Daniel Lim Far-left Marxism-Leninism

List of head of states

This is the list of head of states of Lululand.

No. Name Portrait Term of office Political party Terms
1 Daniel Lim 8 August 2019 Incumbent Workers' Communism Party Self-appointed


There are 7 ministries in the Lululandian RFSR. All ministries were created prior to the establishment of the Lululandian RFSR.

Lists of ministries

This is a list for the lists of ministries in the Lululandian RFSR.

Ministry Logo Head Purpose Members Date of foundation
Lululandian Ministry of Health or Lululantien Santejministerium (LMH) or (LS) Karim Kall Manages the health of Lululandian citizens. 1 February 20, 2019
Lululandian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Lululantien Autnazionenministerium (LMFA) or (LA) Dense Milk Manages the relations of foreign countries. 1 February 22, 2019
Lululandian Ministry of Economy and Finance or Lululantien Ekonomijen und Finanzenministerium (LMEF) or (LEF) N/A Yeon Doo Lee Manages the economy and Finance of Lululand. 1 February 22, 2019
Lululandian Ministry of Justice or Lululantien Justizeministerium (LMJ) or (LJ) N/A Javi Ramos Manages the judicial system or Lululand. 1 February 22, 2019
Lululandian Ministry of Defense or Lululantien Nazionengardenministerium (LMD) or (LN) N/A Jiho "Peter" Park Protects Lululandian citizens from foreign attacks. 1 February 23, 2019
Lululandian Ministry of Internal Affairs or Lululantien Internaleministerium (LMIA) or (LI) N/A Daniel Han Manages the emergencies of Lululandian citizens. 1 February 24, 2019
Lululandian Ministry of Education or Lululantien Edukatzionministerium (LME) or (LE) N/A Paul Park Manages the educational system of Lululand 1 February 28, 2019


Lululand doesn't have a official religion, however Lululand has popes. It is reportedly known, that the head of state wanted to create a pope to show other micronations the power of the Lululandian RFSR and the URSR.

Lists of popes

This is a list for the lists of popes in Lululand.

Potiff number Pontificate Name
267 23 February 2018 ~ Present Delusional God

Law and order

There are no laws in Lululand, yet.

Foreign relations

A poster created by the People's Republic of Magnificat celebrating the start of the diplomatic relationsip between the two countries.

The Lululandian RFSR has a diplomatic relationship with the People's Republic of Magnificat as of August 22, 2019. The proposal of agreement was signed through discord by Daniel Lim and Operar.

Full foreign relations

International organisation participation


Lululand doesn't have military personnel, however it has the Lululandian Ministry of National Defense, which is led by the defense minister Jiho "Peter" Park.

Geography and climate

Lululand is located in an autonomous district in Korea with an area of 35.44 km2 (13.68 sq mi).


Lululand is divided into 8 districts, the biggest being Norðberg. However, Norðberg is inside a mountain thus making it uninhabitable. The most largest inhabitable district of Lululand is Væsttojwen.



National Holidays

Lululandian national holidays (Lululandian: Hejlichtægs) are important for the citizens of Lululand, since the holidays mostly consist of the days that helped Lululand grow. People tend to celebrate the holidays with families, friends and loved ones.

List of national holidays

This is the list of National holidays of the Republic of Lululand

Name Date Meaning
Krjettæg/Chosezionttæg December 26 Celebration of the founding date of Lululand./Celebration of the election day of Lululand.
Geheltkrejtæg der Lululant zie Autmikrojnazionens February 18 Celebration of the declartion of Lululand to foreign micronations.
Ofizialnazionenlantklejmtæg February 22 Celebration of Lululand's first territory.



Lululand has 31 citizens as of August 23, 2019.

Citizenship Application

Applying for Lululandian citizenship is very simple. Click here to go to the Lululandian Citizenship Application website.

Official Citizens

This is the list of official citizens of the Republic of Lululand

Name Citizenship approval date State
Daniel Lim 26 December 2017 Approved
Seung Bin Hong 26 December 2017 Approved
Amr Sharaf the Epic 15 November 2018 Approved
Joon Seo Jang 20 February 2019 Approved
Rodolf Aengurnakt 20 February 2019 Approved
Karim Kall 20 February 2019 Approved
Jae Hun Nam 20 February 2019 Approved
Léa Guardiola 21 February 2019 Approved
Javi Ramos 22 February 2019 Approved
Ga Young 22 February 2019 Approved
Yeon Doo Lee 22 February 2019 Approved
Delusional God 22 February 2019 Approved
Jiho "Peter" Park 23 February 2019 Approved
Daniel Han 24 February 2019 Approved
Dense Milk 25 February 2019 Approved
Paul Park 28 February 2019 Approved
Sebstian Knill 28 February 2019 Approved
Kyeong Hwan Hong 19 May 2019 Approved
Jinscovski 20 May 2019 Approved
Youngba Kim 20 May 2019 Approved
Seungbin "Choi" Ganghwa 20 May 2019 Approved
Su Jin Yu 20 May 2019 Executed
Joseph Stalin 21 May 2019 Approved
Jun Mo Kang 21 May 2019 Approved
Sang Hyun Cho 21 May 2019 Approved
Alan Libert 21 May 2019 Approved
Sung Hyun Lim 25 June 2019 Approved
Eric Lee 26 July 2019 Approved
CJ Lim 26 July 2019 Approved
Jolly Good Justinian 26 July 2019 Approved
Joaquin Ramos 18 August 2019 Approved
Aragi Puccino 6 June 2020 Approved
Tarun Batra 6 June 2020 Approved
Simon Oh 6 June 2020 Approved

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