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Russian background with a white bar, maple leaf sturdy
Coat of arms containing flag, yellow branches
Coat of arms
Anthem: N/A
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesRussian, French
Recognised regional languagesLandlandian
• Thy Honorable Tyranny
Mel the first
• Declaration of Independence
3 October 2017
• Current manifesto
4 September 2018
• Estimate
CurrencyUS dollar, bottle caps (.25 cent) (USD; $)
Time zoneEST
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy;
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Landland, more commonly known as the Republic of Landland, is a micronation with an dictatorship government, founded on 3 October 2017. The nation started off as an idea and then overtime grew into a micronation with the help of the original members.


The name 'Landland' came from Mel I in study hall reading about Sealand, and was later flipping through a random country name generator, and later decided she would use Landland was a placeholder, but later became the name.

Foreign relations

The Republic of Landland establishes and maintains diplomatic relations with other nations through the Ambassadors, led by Mel the first. The Ambassador has the power to grant "states of friendship", but official recognition of another nation can only be granted by the dictator.

Landland are actively soughting out diplomatic relations mainly through the MicroWiki Community.


Citizenship of the Republic is only granted by the Dictator herself, if the dictator is out of commission, an Ambassador can grant it. Citizenship does not come with residency.


Landland is an dictatorship ruled by Mel I.

Mel I is head of state and government as dictator, and holds the most vast, executive, legislative, and judicial powers. She can not be held accountable to any members of the government.

On a daily basis, most executive power is exercised by the Dictator, thy honorable general and Ambassadors.

Members of the Government


Landland, despite being a mixture of many different cultures, the most predominant cultures are influenced by the USA and Russia respectfully.

Soma Ulte, a common greeting can be used for hello and goodbye, and the motto of the micronation.

The national language of Landland is English, however there is no official national language enforced for Landland; so learning English is a requirement to be a citizen or to participate in governmental functions. A basic understanding of English is advised due to the fact that all news, and official documents will be released in English.

All citizens that are fluent in another language are encouraged to transcribe any existing documents. Any citizen who does this receives proper credit for the translation within the document itself.

Landland's citizens are known for being generally patriotic. Common ways of patriotism Landlandian citizens practice are the making of propaganda, flying the Landlandian flag, and aggressively shouting the national anthem.

Much like with language, Landland has no set religion. All citizens are guaranteed religious freedom, and the government will not favor one religion over the other.

National holidays

Celebration of Landlandian holidays are encouraged by the government on a mass scale. Not all holidays are celebrated, however the goverment quotes, "but doing so would boot patriotism and moral".

Holiday Date Meaning
Nixmas January 9 A day to celebrate Richard Nixion as a deity (written in the Landlandian manifesto)
Independence Day October 3 A day to celebrate the foundation and independence from the United States of America. Fireworks are encouraged by the government.
Dictator Birthday December 10 A day to honor the dictator actively in power, celebrated by playing the national anthem.
Major General Birthday N/A This is celebrated in the same manner as the Dictator's Birthday Celebration
Dead Country Day November 12 A day to honor fallen or failed micronational brethren

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