Landlandian caste system

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Role Number of Job
Thy honorable Tyranny (Dictator) 1, mel the first This role is given to the one and only head of state and is placed at the top of the caste system. This role is generally carried down via bloodline and is given to the oldest of biological children born to the dictator. The dictator's job is to look after the state, tend to military and diplomatic affairs, and to ensure the security of the state.
Thy honorable general (Major general / General) 0 This role is given to the dictator's consort and is the second highest role in the government other than the dictator itself. The job of the general is to look over military affairs, and to look after the government if the dictator is unable to do so.
Ambassadors 9, wish to remain unnamed Ambassadors work directly underneath the dictator and general and are tasked with performing all the jobs given to them by said figures. Ambassadors also take the role of planning things such as government festivities, moderating Landland owned websites, and to overall keep the local peace. These individuals are more often than not, the dictator's closest friends.
Soldiers classified Soldiers act as Landlands police force and answer only to the dictator, general, or ambassadors.
Citizens estimate: 46 Landlands overall populace that resides within its borders.