Organization of Active Micronations (2021)

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Not to be confused with the Organisation of Active Micronations, one of the largest intermicronational organisations in history, active from 2009-2011.

The Organization of Active Micronations, commonly known as the OAM, is a group of micronations with the goal of promoting and fostering an inclusive community based on helping the fellow micronationalist, according to the official charter. Founded on 11 February 2021, The OAM has 3 Members and 1 Observer. The governance of the OAM is a unicameral Parliamentary system, with each state being able to appoint 1 member. The Parliament convenes every weekend to write new legislation and review applications, votes for legislation and membership applications last 48 hours and the duration of the meeting respectively. The current acting Prime Minister is Cyanide, also known as Flames or Ian.


The Name "Organization of Active Micronations" originated with the major historical organisation of the same name, later reused by a second organisation for three months in 2019.