Republic of Everland

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Republic of Everland
Flag of Everland.png

Long live Everland!
Capital cityEverland City
GovernmentPresidential republic
CurrencyEverland IOU

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Everland officially the Republic of Everland, is a micronation claiming a house in Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee. It is a presidential republic. Everland is made up of 5 provinces, Bak, Zongo, Habwawe, Everland province and Talon.

Founded in 2018, the republic has built a space program which makes model rockets and sales them to micronations such as Sealand and more. Everland's national currency is the Everland IOU.


In late 2018, the Republic of Everland was founded as the Kingdom of Everstan. It was later established as a republic, and renamed to Everland. The king who was from the House of burks automatically became the first President of Everland. The nation had an economic boom, raising the economy to 500 IOUs. Many companies were established around then, including the Everland tourist Agency. For that reason, Everland plans on joining the AMU.

Everland was involved in the First Newlands War.

Sometime in 2018, the group Bak attacked Everland City, Everland's Capital. The Everlandic Miltary fought back and gained control over Bak, which was originally going to be part of the Kingdom of Ascanstan.

On 15 May 2019, Everland became an observer state of the OAM, and became a full member on 17 May.


Its Legislative branch has the National Council, the Everland National Senate the Supreme Court of Everland, the Everland Federal Court and the Everland Consititutional Court.

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