Bethel Republic

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Bethel Republic
Flag of Bethel Republic
Motto: "Geloof in den HEER" ("Believe in the LORD")
Anthem: "Prachtig vaderland" (Dutch)
"Beautiful fatherland"

CapitalNo capital
Official languagesDutch
Ethnic groups
• Governor
Dominique de Mist
• Conquered by the Reformed People's Republic from the Eva Braun Multiethnic Empire
February 11, 2022
• Estimate
CurrencyReformed won
Time zoneCEST
Date formatD-M-Y

The Bethel Republic is a puppet state of the Reformed People's Republic. It is located north of the Reformed puppet state of Kerkerland and has 4 citizens. Govenor of the Bethel Republic is Dominique de Mist.


The Bethel Republic is named after the Hebrew word bethel, which means House of God. There is no specific reason that this name was chosen.


The Bethel Republic was founded on February 11, 2022. Before it was a republic, it was a state of the Eva Braun Multiethnic Empire. This former state was a gift from President Youri Koeman of the Reformed People's Republic to Kaiser Luke Braun of the Eva Braun Multiethnic Empire. This as a token of friendship. However, this friendship turned out to be short-lived, because a month later 2 fighters of the Reformed People's Army, on the orders of President Koeman, crossed the borders of the Eva Braun state and occupied it. That same day, President Koeman released the news that this state was being annexed by the Reformed People's Republic. This was announced on both Discord and Reformed State News, the state newspaper of the Reformed People's Republic. To date, the Eva Braun Multiethnic Empire has never responded to the annexation. A few days after the annexation of the former Eva Braun state, President Koeman announced that he would establish a puppet state in the occupied area. This state would be known as the Bethel Republic, a liberal Calvinist republic under the authority of the Reformed People's Republic. The first governor was Denise de Mist. This was a unique choice, as the Reformed People's Republic had never had a woman in a high position. De Mist's governorship was shorter than expected, however, as on April 7, 2022, she was replaced by her brother Dominique. This is because Denise paid too little attention to her republic and because the Reformed People's Republic thought that the Bethel Republic needed a well-motivated leader. So after a short consultation between President Koeman, Prime Minister Aaron de Witt, Ezra Yaraklas (Governor of the Republic of Kerkerland), Denise de Mist and Dominique de Mist, it was decided that Denise was officially replaced by her brother. Denise agreed and was later appointed minister of flora and fauna by her brother.


Because the Bethel Republic is a republic under the authority of the Reformed People's Republic, President Koeman stated at the foundation that the Bethel Republic should be a Calvinist republic. However, it could be a liberal republic instead of an orthodox one. This is because Denise de Mist was the first governor and she was a lot more liberal in her faith than the citizens of the Reformed People's Republic. This reason is still the reason that the Bethel Republic is liberal to this day. In the Bethel Republic the faith is less strict than in the Reformed People's Republic. For example, there is more choice in which music one wants to listen to, it is read from the modern Bible translation, it is allowed for non-Calvinists to practice their faith across the Bethel border and it is not mandatory for women to wear head coverings and skirts, something which is a must in the Reformed People's Republic. However, in the Bethel Republic, LGBT is frowned upon, as are women who preach in front of men, and smoking and drinking alcohol are prohibited.