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Crown Land of Falcar
collage of places within Arbonia
The Crown Lands of Arbonia
(top) Skyline, (bottom left) Palm gardens within the relocated Royal Botanical Society of Falcar, (bottom right) map of Arbonia highlighting the city of Sunin
flag Arbonia does not have a unique flag
shield of Falcar
Life grows from soil (English)
Inosemortà berak dët (Falcarian)
Part ofFalcar
Largest CitySunin
State EmblemsSulphur cockatoo (fauna)
Red Ironbark Tree (flora)
Lilly Pilly Fruit (dish)
Founded1st of December 2017
Founded byTodd Leon & Sir Henry Rudd
Founding DocumentProclamation Act (Hinlenat Sivil) 2017

Arbonia is a Crown Land of Falcar
 • MonarchTodd Leon (party leader)
 • Total0.639 km2 (0.247 sq mi)
 • Land0.611 km2 (0.236 sq mi)
 • Water0.028 km2 (0.011 sq mi)  4.38%
16.3 m (53.5 ft)
 (as of 2017)
Whole population are active citizens
 • Total3
 • Density4.7/km2 (12/sq mi)
 2017 National Census
Time zoneUTC+09.30 (Australian Central Standard Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+10.30 (Australian Central Daylight Time)
Postbox Number
Area Code+6141 (AUS)

Arbonia or naively Àrbonàr (lit. the tree lands) and it's city Sunin are the most recent additions to the Kingdom of Falcar, being officially founded on the first of December 2017, and since then has been the capital of the kingdom. it is the current residence of the monarch, as well as the current headquarters for the Falcarian Defence Force, Royal Falcarian Postal Service and the Bank of Falcar. Arbonia is completely landlocked by the nation of Australia.

Arbonia lies 15 kilometres (9 mi) north of the former capital of Hawkepool within Inner and Outer Falcar, and 105 kilometres (65 mi) south-east of the main Falcarian port of Maronia. Arbonia exists within the geographical area of the Northern Tarndanya Plains.

On the 28th of December 2017, The Flag of Arbonia was officially announced as a lime green flag with a bottom streak of deep ocean blue, consisting of a upper left hand print of a shield defaced by a eucalypt leaf. The state retains the coat of arms of the mother nation of Falcar.

Geography and climate

Arbonia has a warm-summer mediterranean climate (Csb) with rainfalls of 64 mm in summer and 174 mm in winter during 2017.[1] The hottest temperature recorded during Arbonian history is 49.9 °C (121.8 °F) during the January summer of 2019[2]

Flora & Fauna

A Sulphur-crested cockatoo, the most common bird and one of the state emblems of Arbonia

As the 2017 Falcarian Census was completed prior to the annexation of Arbonia, an extensive survey of flora and fauna has yet to be completed, although many species do frequently occur and are known to exist within Arbonia. Outside of the Royal Botanical Society of Falcar, some species of plants include

Arbonia is also home to a variety of birdlife, including but not limited to


The state exports a number of products including specimens of plants, monetary items, and clay pottery.

on Christmas day 2017, the monarch Todd Leon announced that increasing production and creating state revenue within Arbonia was part of the Falcarian Christmas resolution and plans are to be announced within the following months to aid existing industries to increase output as well as found new state-owned corporations in broader market areas.

Royal Library of Arbonia

Also known as the Arbonian Library, or (according to legislature) the Royal Falcarian Library is the national archive and library of Falcar. It consists of a broad collection of photographs, physical and digital literary texts, botanical specimens, media recordings in various formats and historical records on various subjects. It is based within the capital of Sunin within Arbonia.

The majority of the collection is owned by the monarch, and as such he is responsible for the maintenance and other expenses relating to the library, a small amount of the collection (3-5%) is owned by private third parties, and are loaned to the monarch to be preserved as part of his collection on a temporary or semi-permanent basis.


The library has a variety of duties outlined within it's founding document The Text-Audio-Visual Copyright and Conservation Act 2017 including;

  • To maintain and regulate copyright within the nation of Falcar and it's controlled territories;
  • To retain a copy of all audio, video or text submitted for copyright within Falcar in a format where it may be easily archived;
  • To photograph and catalog all artwork produced within a territory of falcar before export;
  • To classify all material submitted for copyright other than "visual works" (artwork) and non-printed media;
  • To refuse classification (ban) media deemed too explicit, graphic, or are seen as otherwise "beyond the reasonable sensibilities and/or ethics of the residents of Falcar".

Media is classified according to content, which includes E - Exempt Content, C - Childrens Content, YT - Young Teen, T - Teen, MT - Mature Teen, AM - Adult Material, EX - Extreme Material, XX - Pornographic Material or are otherwise refused classification and banned. E to T classifications are assumed to be acceptable for most audiences, while MT to XX material are restricted to specific age groups by law.