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Crown Land of Falcar
Coat of arms
Motto: True Falcar (2017 - Current)
(none) (2015-2017)
Adelaide Plains, Australia
CapitalHøkpol (Hawkepool)
Largest cityDayana
Official languagesEnglish
Dianes (archaic)
GovernmentDuchy of Turto (2012 - 2015)
Falcarian Crown Land (2015 - Current)
• Governor-General
The Monarch as Duke of Jennsia
Establishment2008 within the Kingdom of Jennings
• 2017 census

Jennsia (lit. Jennings place), formerly unofficially known as Inner and Outer Falcar is a unified territory comprised of four former states of Turto and the entirety of the former micronation of Jennings. Jennsia was the former capital territory of Turto and the first capital of Falcar before being transferred to Kanin, and later Arbonia.

The flag used in the Turtonian state of WD (2012-2015) remains the flag of Jennsia.