Falcarian Air Force

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Falcarian Air Force
Skyna EnFalcaræ
Skyna EnFalcaræ
Ensign of the Air Force
Active2019 - Present
modern form
CountryThe Kingdom of Falcar
AllegianceThe Monarch
TypeAir Force
RoleDefence, Civil
Size5 Unmanned Aircraft
3 communication relays
Part ofFalcarian Defence Force
GarrisonsArbonia Air Base HQ
Maronia Air Base
Motto(s)macte virtute sic itur ad astra
(those who excel, thus reach the stars)
Colorswhite, grey, sky blue
Funding0.8% (2019)
Commander-in-ChiefTodd Leon (as Monarch of Falcar)
Defence-GeneralTodd Leon (as Temporary Prime-Minister)
Commander-General Land-Air-Networksposition vacant
Fin Flash
Aircraft flown
HelicopterVenom Air Corps Rescue
Trainer helicopterRC 901
ReconnaissanceDJI Phantom 3

The Falcarian Air Force is one of four major branches of the Falcarian Defence Force, responsible for aeronautical defences, radio communication and research related to flight. it is garrisoned out of Arbonia, with a secondary outpost in Maronia.


The Falcarian Air Force was originally founded during Turto as His Majesty’s Royal Airforce on 8 August 2013, after the dissolution of Turto all members of the Armed Forces were transferred to the Falcarian Armed Forces, which later changed names to become the Falcarian Defence Force. During this period the name of the Air force was also changed to correspond with it's new nation.

The Command Structure of the Air Force was revised in 2017.

As of 2019 the Air Force has seen no combat service, and does not intend to do so in the foreseeable future, it does however continue to serve in civil aeronautical roles and radio communications along with governmental research.


Aircraft Origin Purpose Variant In service Notes
Unmanned Ornithopters
FlyTech Dragonfly Hong Kong Research Blue 1 Inherited from the Turtonian Royal Airforce
Unmanned Coaxial Helicopters
Venom Air Corps Rescue United States Research 1 Inherited from the Turtonian Royal Airforce
RC 901 China Training Red 1 Inherited from the Turtonian Royal Airforce

Former Aircraft

Aircraft Origin Purpose Variant Fate Notes
Unmanned Vehicles
DJI Phantom 3 China Reconnaissance Standard Lost Contact, missing on loan from the Falcarian Navy, acquired in 2016
Swann Atom II Australia Research Damaged during training in 2020, Scrapped acquired in 2017