Falcarian Navy

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Falcarian Navy
Dolfinüm EnFalcaræ
Dolfinüm EnFalcaræ
Naval Ensign
Active2016 - Present
CountryThe Kingdom of Falcar
AllegianceThe Monarch
Size2 Non-Commissioned Vessels 1 Decommissioned Vessel
Part ofFalcarian Defence Force
Motto(s)Quid est illa in auqua
(What lies in the water)
ColorsDark Blue, Teal, White
Anniversaries12 March
Funding3% (2019)
Commander-in-ChiefTodd Leon (as Monarch of Falcar)
Defence-GeneralTodd Leon (as Temporary Prime-Minister)
Admiral of the FleetAdmiral Sir Henry Rudd FKT
Naval ensign
Jack (peacetime)
Jack (wartime)
Aircraft flown

The Falcarian Navy is the naval branch of the Falcarian Defence Force. It is the official successor of the Turtonian Navy and is based out of the Port of Maronia. Originally intended soley for ceremonial purposes; The Falcarian Navy has since obtained seaworthy vessels and have become an active component in other peacetime tasks such as carriers for the Royal Falcarian Postal Service.


The Falcarian navy was originally formed in 2014 under the banner of the Turtonian Armed Forces. After the dissolution of Turto the roles of the navy were dissolved until 2016 with the formation of the Falcarian Defence Force. In 2017 after the acquisition of Arbonia the navy gained a testing site for naval vessels.


As the Falcarian Navy also has roles in other micronational affairs they possess a range of prefixes that are granted to vessels, the following is a list of prefixes in order of hierarchy

  • HMRFS - His Majesty's Royal Falcarian Ship used on Commissioned Naval ships
  • HMRV - His Majesty's Research Vessel used on ships which are being used for micronational research
  • FANV - (Added 28 Dec 2017) Falcarian Active Naval Vessel used on non-commissioned ships actively deployed for naval purposes
  • FNV - Falcarian Naval Vessel used on non-commissioned ships not being used for specific purposes
  • FMS (Added 28 Dec 2017) - Falcarian Miscellaneous Ship used on all other vessels, ships, or watercraft relating to the Navy, specifically vessels owned and maintained by persons or organisations unrelated to the navy, though they are manned, operated or commanded by the navy or navy personnel for allocated time periods.
  • HMNuS - His Majesty's New Ship used on vessels yet to be christened or are yet to be put to service.

Admiral of the Fleet

The Admiral of the Fleet of Falcar is responsible for all actions relating to the navy that aren't directly administered by the Monarch or PM. The current Admiral of the Fleet is Admiral Sir Henry Rudd FKT who became incumbent by monarchical selection in mid 2017.


The Navy is divided into two Corps., The Ocean Corps. and the River Corps.