Wartime Service Order (Falcar)

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The Wartime Service Order
Pøsvetèm wørvæ secrèsüm

(top) Flag of the Wartime Service Order
(btm) Ribbon awarded to all members
Awarded by Admiral of the Fleet (Navy)
Commander-General Land-Air-Networks (Other)
Type War Veteran Order of Merit
Established 15th March 2017
Country Falcar
Motto Je me souviens (French: I Remember)
Eligibility Falcarian war veterans
Awarded for Participating in military operations during wartime, returned combatants
Status To be constituted after conflict
Commander-General Land-Air-Networks Position Vacant
Admiral of The Fleet Admiral Sir Henry Rudd
Classes Army, Navy, Air & Cyber

Army GSM

  • Navy NSM
  • Airforce ASM
  • Cyberforce CSM
First induction Yet to be constituted
Total inductees 0
Next (higher) Order of the Field
Next (lower) Medal of the Cormorant
Related Falcarian Service Medal

The Wartime Service Order is an order and award given to all returned servicepeople of the Falcarian Defence Force. As of 2017 Falcar has never seen active conflict, and as such the award is yet to be constituted.

Veterans who are bestowed with the order and award are granted a small governmental payment for their service; this is not considered a 'pension' as the payment is usually of a incremental amount of no value outside the nation.

Veterans who are proved to have committed a wartime offence during their service may have their award revolked at the discretion of their awarder.