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City of Kanin
Capital City of The Kanes
Crown Land of Falcar
Relinquished 19 Dec 2017
Coat of arms
Motto: Cųsèfœ imbanäriümvæ inlarkesų cųnèm
South Australia
Capitalof The Kanes, The Kingdom of Falcar
Demonym(s)Kaninese, Kanes
GovernmentFalcarian Dependant Territory

Kanin is a former city as well as former capital of The Kanes Region of Falcar. It was officially chartered as separate from The Kanes on the 15th of April 2017, prior to this division the area comprising of both The Kanes and Kanin were known simply as Kanin and had been the declared capital since 2016, before being succeeded by Arbonia.

It is the former residence of the Falcarian Monarch Todd Leon, and as such was the Capital City of Falcar

Along with Inner and Outer Falcar, Kanin was a continuously landlocked city, surrounded by the macronation of Australia.

As the capital, it also served as the Headquarters of the Royal Falcarian Postal Service and the Central Bank of Falcar.

The passing of the Proclamation Act 2017 disestablished and relinquished the city of Kanin to Australia


On April 15, 2017 Todd Leon announced the formation of a flag for the province & city, which previously had used the Flag of Falcar as its primary flag. It consists of a 2:4 Ratio dual burgundy with a central Navy Blue tricolour with a centre-right yellow-orange or gold leaf Defacement, featuring a right facing hand pointed towards a 7 pointed star.