Royal Falcarian Postal Service

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The Royal Falcarian Postal Service Falcaræ Pøst Gøldes
Royal Crown Corporation
IndustryGovernment Postal & Online Services
PredecessorHM Office for Media, Communication and Classification (2013-2015)
FoundedKanin, Falcar
FounderFirst King of Falcar Todd Leon
Kingdom of Falcar
Number of locations
1 Postoffice & 3 Postboxes (2016)
Area served
Key people
Postmaster-General of Falcar
ProductsPassports, Postal-related services
OwnerThe Monarch
ParentThe Falcarian Prime Minister
DivisionsRoyal Seamail
Royal Aeromail
Royal Cybermail
Falcarian Passport Office

The Royal Falcarian Postal Service is a crown corporation formed by the Royal Act on the Foundation of the Royal Postal Service signed by the King on the 10th of June 2016. It is wholly owned by the Monarch and operated by the Government on behalf of the monarch via the Prime Minister. In the eight years of micronational sovereignty, neither the former Turtonian Empire nor the Kingdom of Turto had an established postal service until the establishment of the Royal Post. It succeeded HM Office for Media, Communication and Classification in the duties of online maintenance and regulation, while the Royal Library overtook the majority of classification responsibilities.


The duties of the Falcarian postal service are defined in the act founding the organisation, which include

  • Maintenance of government websites
  • Performing the efficient transmition of letters and parcels to and from Falcar
  • Regulation of Passports

As well as other duties. Some duties have been adopted by the post which are not defined in the act, such as

  • The regulation of cyber content and;
  • To classify broadcast material being sold within Falcar - In conjunction with the Royal Library.

These duties have been adopted from the dissolved HM Office for Media, Communication and Classification.



The Royal Seamail is only usually accessable by sending mail through Port Maronia to the address Maronia Sea during holidays and special occasions. These letters recieved are sent out on boats with the Falcarian Navy, stamped with a commemorative naval postmark and returned to the sender after the journey.


The Royal Aeromail, much like the Seamail, served a mainly commemorative purpose. It was inactive as of 2022.


The Royal Cybermail has a role to maintain and secure government email accounts, although the division is yet to perform any duty requiring the use of the cybermail system


Postmaster-General of
The Kingdom of Falcar
Henry Rudd

since 16 July 2020
NominatorThe Prime Minister
AppointerThe Prime Minister of Falcar
Term lengthTerm-Length of Prime Ministers office
Inaugural holderAlice Ashley
Formation10 June 2016
Salary1/50th of Annual GDP

The Postmaster-General of Falcar is nominated the Prime Minister to operate the Royal Post Office on behalf of the government, the current incumbent is Henry Rudd.