Prime Minister of Falcar

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Prime Minister of
The Kingdom of Falcar
The Monarch

since 1 January 2015
NominatorThe Parliament
on the basis of majority representation in the Falcarian Parliament when it is held; until such time the Constitution defines the Monarch as the Temporary incumbent
AppointerThe Monarch of Falcar
Term lengthAt the Monarch's Pleasure
Inaugural holderTodd Leon, incumbent
Formation1 January 2015
Salary3% of overall budget (2019)

The Prime Minister of Falcar is the third highest political position after Tsaress Elizabeth and King of Falcar. They are recognised in the Falcarian Founding Document as the Head of Government, and has duties to write and prepare legislation on behalf of the Monarch.


During the People's Republic of Turto two people occupied of the seat of Prime Minister, Samuel F. and Lion C. Samuel had a term length of apx. 3 years, followed by a term of 1 year by Mr Lion. After this resignation, the King dissolved the office of Prime Minister for the remaining period of the existence of Turto.

When the Royal Foundation Act was enacted on the first of January 2015, the seat of prime minister was dissolved automatically by the constitution. It will be enacted when a political party is formed and elections are held, forming the first parliament of Falcar.


Although the Seat of Prime Minister is currently dissolved, the position is protected within the foundation act. In section C Freedoms and Liberties two rights can be used as an example as constitutional rights to form political parties.

  • Part VXII Freedom to Assemble;

All persons retain the right to freedom of movement and peaceful assembly and association.

This right, although broad, protects the rights of political citizens to associate and form parties without hindrance. Also;

  • Part VXIII Freedom of Political Assembly;

If any persons wishes to form a political party, the monarch or government is not to prohibit it’s formation, and is rather to introduce a system of parliament to provide representation of said parties.