Oral Order of King Todd I

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Oral Order of King Todd I
Ribbon granted to Falcarian FKT members
Awarded by The Monarch
TypeFormerly Oral Knighthood, Currently Nominated Knighthood
MottoFür das Wohl des Monarchen (For the good of the Monarch)
EligibilityAny Person nominated by the Monarch
Awarded forMultiple
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignTodd Leon
GradesMonarch (MKT) Falcarian Knight/Dame (FKT)
Former gradesTurtonian Knight/Dame (OKT)
First induction2011
Total inductees2
Next (higher)Order of the Brushtailed Possum
Next (lower)Award of Culture

The Oral Order of King Todd I was one of the highest orders which could be administered to a Non-Turtonian citizen. During the time of the Turtonian Empire it was usually awarded to friends and family of the Emperor. Historically an oral award not requiring any official documentation, it has since been adapted and now does have an official list of recipients, who recieve the post nominal FKT, rather then the historical Turtonian post nominal of OKT.

Modern Award

Since the establishment of Falcar the award has been retained, although no longer often awarded, it may be given to any person; including those who are not citizens of Falcar and the Rottnest. It is no longer a high class award. Those who have recieved the award since the establishment of Falcar are listed in the Oral Order of King Todd I Register and are permitted to use the post nominal FKT to destinct them from the high class imperial award of OKT.

The Ribbon was officiated on the 29th of May 2018 during reforms that also saw the creation of a circlet for the Award of the Silver Rabbit

On the 12th of March 2017 The first recipient of the order in Falcar was announced as Admiral Sir Henry Rudd, Admiral of the Falcarian Fleet.