Falcarian Service Medal

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Falcarian Service Medal
Ribbons of the medal granted to Defence Force members
(top down) Gold Recipient, LSM, DSE
Awarded by The Monarch as Defence-General
TypeMilitary Service Award
EligibilityMembers of the Falcarian Armed Forces who have participated in 3 years of service
Statuscurrently constituted
Defence-GeneralThe Monarch
GradesRecipient Gold Class (No post-nominal)

Long Service Medal (LSM)

Distinguished Service (DSE)
First inductionNone (As of 2017)
Total inductees0
Next (higher)Medal of the Cormorant
Next (lower)Acacia Award
RelatedWartime Service Order

The Falcarian Service Medal is an award given to all members of the Falcarian Armed Services who have participated in any role within the services for a period of three years. Any member who remains in the service for 15 years receives the second grade Long Service and may carry the post nominals LSM, Even in retirement. The third class of Distinguished Service is given to members who have served more than 30 years in the armed services of Falcar and Turto.