Falcarian Army

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Falcarian Army
Terra Forci EnFalcaræ
Terra Forci EnFalcaræ
Army Roundel & Insignia
Active2008 - 2012
2012 - 2015
2015 - Present
CountryThe Kingdom of Falcar
AllegianceThe Monarch
Part ofFalcarian Defence Force
ColorsRed, yellow, navy blue, green
Funding0.8% (2019)
EngagementsJackie Incident
DecorationsMJISring.png MJI
Commander-in-ChiefTodd Leon (as Monarch of Falcar)
Defence-GeneralTodd Leon (as Temporary Prime-Minister)
Commander-General Land-Air-Networksposition vacant
War flagFalcarcombat.jpg
Roundel & InsigniaArmyroundfalcar.png

The Falcarian Army is one of four major branches of the Falcarian Defence Force, responsible for ground-based mobilisation, defence and civil aid efforts. it's headquarters is within Arbonia. It is the oldest of the four major branches of the Falcarian Defence Force and was founded in early 2008 during the Kingdom of Jennings. It does not possess firearms as per Australian and Falcarian Law.


The Falcarian Army was originally founded during Jennings as the Jennings Army before being succeeded by His Majesty’s Royal Army on the 8th of August 2013 by Turto. After the dissolution of Turto all members of the Armed Forces were transferred to the Falcarian Armed Forces, which later changed names to become the Falcarian Defence Force. During this period the name of the Army was also changed to correspond with it's new nation.

The Command Structure of the Army was revised in 2017.

As of 2019 the Army has seen no active service, although it was once deployed in search & rescue operations during the Turtonian period when the Archhung of Turto, Jackie I was declared missing.


Note that not all equipment can be listed, as many remain sensitive legislatively;

Name Origin Type Purpose Notes
1995 Mazda 121 Japan Ground vehicle Transportation, Search & Rescue
1954 Morris Minor United Kingdom Ground vehicle Ceremonial purposes
Camping Equipment Various Personnel Equipment For use by soldiers during deployment
Dosimeter China Radiological Emergencies For use by soldiers to monitor radiation levels In case of incidents effecting citizens
Unspecified Ground Drone China Unmanned Ground Vehicle Research, Search & Rescue

Corps & Divisions

Corps. of the Falcarian Army
Corp Insignia Date of Formation Colour Guidon Purpose
Animal Corps. Armyroundfalcar.png
29 Aug 2019
Succeeding the Turtonian 3rd Division of 2010.
     Animalcorpfalcarflag.png Animals & Handlers
Army Corps. Armyroundfalcar.png
Succeeding the Turtonian 1st Division of 2008
     Falcararmycorpflag.png Infantry & Ceremonial
I Calvary Corps. Armyroundfalcar.png
29 Aug 2019
     Calvflagfalcar.png Ground Vehicles
II Calvary Corps. Armyroundfalcar.png
29 Aug 2019
     Iicalvfalcarflagpng.png Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Construction Corps. Armyroundfalcar.png
29 Aug 2019
     Constraflagfalcar.png Civil & Military engineering, construction
Corps. of the Falcarian Army and Air Force
Signal Corps.
Signals corpfalcar.png
29 Aug 2019
     Signalcorpfalcarflag.png Signals, Communications & Cryptography