Todd Leon

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Todd Leon
King of Falcar and the Rottnest
Incumbent Prime Minister of Falcar

Royal Standard of the Leon Dynasty
1st Emperor of Falcar
Reign 1st January 2015 - Present
Coronation TBA
Predecessor Himself (As King of Turto)
Heir Dauphin of Falcar
8th Monarch of The Rottnest
Reign 1 January 2015 - Present
Coronation 4 April 2017
Predecessor Elizabeth II As Queen of Australia
Heir Dauphin of Falcar
King of Turto (Former)
Reign April to July 2011
December 2012 to January 2015
Enthroned 28 December 2012
Predecessor Himself (As King of Jennings)
Successor Himself (As King of Falcar)
King of Jennings (Former)
Reign 28 December 2008 to 10 April 2011
Coronation Never Coronated
Predecessor Elizabeth II (As Queen of Australia)
Successor Himself (As King of Turto)
Dynasty House of Leon

Todd Leon is the first and current monarch of the Kingdom of Falcar and the Rottnest, he is currently also acting Prime Minister of Falcar until a request for election is made.


Born in the city of Adelaide Leon founded the United Kingdom of Jennings in 2008 before abdicating in late 2009 in return for election as president at the first council of Turto by a three person committee. He retained this position until the dissolution of the People's Republic of Turto. He was enthroned (although never coronated) as Emperor of the Turtonian Kingdoms. During the Turtonian constitutional crisis of 2014 he lead the reforms that established The Kingdom of Falcar and the Rottnest which holds established claims and intermicronational recognition.


As successor to the Turtonian State, the monarch of Turto is constitutionally no longer recognised as a position and was succeeded by the separate positions of Prime Minister and King; Although due to the lack of political assembly the Monarch is permitted to act as Prime Minister unelected until a request for a political assembly is brought to the courts by a political party.

The heir to the Monarch is known as the Grand Prince of Falcar and will succeed Todd II as King and/or Emperor. The current grand prince is the heir presumptive Grand Duke Louis

Current Titles

Falcarcombat.jpg Falcarian Defence Force Military
Commander-In-Chief and Defence-General of the Falcarian Defence Force

Falcarianjack.jpg Naval Military
Commander of the Falcarian Navy

Flagfalcar2019.png Royal Title Falcar & Rottnest
His Majesty Todd, by the Grace of God, of Falcar, the Rottnest and of His Other Lands King, Commander of the Ports, Defender of the Faith, Incumbent Prime Minister.