Head of State of Falcar

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Head of State of Falcar
Todd Leon
Royal standard
1st Emperor of Falcar
Reign1st January 2015 – present
PredecessorEdward (as King of Turto)
King of Turto
ReignApril – July 2011
December 2012 – January 2015
Enthroned28 December 2012 (10 years ago) (2012-12-28)
PredecessorHimself (as King of Jennings)
King of Jennings
Reign28 December 2008 – 10 April 2011
PredecessorElizabeth II (as Queen of Australia)
SuccessorHimself (as King of Turto)

The Head of State of Falcar is currently is the Monarch referred to as the King or Queen, respectively. Prior to 2015 the territories of Falcar were part of the micronation of Turto.

According to the 2014 constitution the powers of the Monarch include symbolic and ceremonial, Defensive, Legislative, Executive and Financial responsibilities. The Head of State also holds the title of Commander-in-Chief of the Falcarian Defence Force and Chief Prosecutor. The Monarch cannot be the subject of civil or criminal proceedings within Falcar.

Todd Leon is the first and current monarch of the Kingdom of Falcar. He is currently also acting Prime Minister of Falcar until a request for election is made.

List of Heads of State of Falcar and it's Predecessors
Title Name From To Ascension Succession
King of Jennings King Todd I Dec 2008 Nov 2009 Position Established Position succeeded by President of Turto
President of Turto President Todd Leon Nov 2009 Jan 2010 Position Established Held Elections
President of Turto President Sam F Jan 2010 Mar 2010 Elected Position Vacated
President of Turto
President Todd Leon Mar 2010 Apr 2010 Elected Caretaker Position Succeeded by Emperor of Turto
Emperor of Turto Emperor Todd I Apr 2010 May 2011 Monarchy Re-established Abdicated
Emperor of Turto Emperor Edward May 2011 Mar 2013 elected by predecessor Position Succeeded by King of Turto
King of Turto King Todd I & II Mar 2013 Jan 2015 Renounced Abdication Position Succeeded by King of Falcar'
King of Falcar King Todd Leon Jan 2015 Present Position Established -